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Terrible climate to live in. - 12/16/2016
You can't grow nothing in this town. The wind blows all the time, extremely cloudy and depressing in the wintertime. The sun reminds me of a flashlight ready to go dead at any moment. The landscape is very brown nothing & nothing to offer. Read More

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Helena & Valley - 3/5/2015
I've noticed some really negative postings on Helena. I want to say a couple of things...

Remember everything is relative. When reading comparisons, consider the person's background/where they came from, etc. For example, if you came from a large city, you would probably be disappointed with the lack of variety for shopping options, although you'd find the traffic to be minimal.

That said, I've had the opportunity to live in many states since graduating college and they all have their good and bad points. This is where I've chose to live though and plan to make the best of it. Being from Michigan, and having lived in Oregon, I do notice the lack of green. It isn't like that all year though as there are seasons, just not as dramatic as in MI. We still get snow and cold temps in the winter and lots of sunshine and warm/hot temps in the summer.

You CAN grow a wonderful garden if you water diligently and there are plenty of trees and green lawns, Read More

I call it death valley - 12/3/2013
No trees unless you go half way up a mountain, no trees, no flowers, no green grass, only a few "lakes", just brown dried up tumble weeds struggling to grow out of dead rocky sand. No one has a garden, because nothing can grow in that godforsaken earth. Everything is brown and dusty and dead. No songbirds, wake up to the deafening silence of NO songbirds or signs of life. Yes, the mountains are pretty from a distance. Minnesota is like the Amazon jungle compared to Montana, with trees, water, lakes, birds, grass and gardens. "Last Best Place"? I don't think so. Anyone who thinks that, needs to travel Read More

Great Place To Grow Up. - 3/11/2011
I grew up in Helena, Montana. I miss the simple lifestyle and friendly Read More

Great Place To Grow Up. - 3/11/2011
I grew up in Helena, Montana. I miss the simple lifestyle and friendly Read More

Great Place To Grow Up. - 3/11/2011
I grew up in Helena, Montana. I miss the simple lifestyle and friendly Read More

Worst, most unfriendly place I've ever lived - 8/13/2010
After just barely over a year, I'm able to get myself and my family out of here. I've tried befriending neighbors, coworkers and others. I've joined several different volunteer organizations, with the intention of meeting people. I've participated in many school activities and boyscout activities with my son. I'm met a few kind souls, but not many. I've also have never heard "ain't" and "ain't got none" or "I seen something". Seems like normal ordinary intelligent kind people are crushed in this town. If however you are a crazy Christian type or redneck meth-head, this is your town. Read More

So far, So good. - 5/4/2010
We've been here in Helena for going on 2 years. I'm sure there are other Californians that have migrated to this area. I've read some negative comments about Helena, and some of them are true. It is a "small city" similar to the way Reno, Nevada USED to be. I've been quite a few places in the USA and I really love the scenery, most of the people, and the small town atmosphere. As far as shopping goes, it isn't the best. Health care is a problem as others have mentioned. But, if you want the big city attractions, then Helena isn't the place for you. When I first moved here my new employer told me that you HAVE TO WANT TO LIVE HERE! He was right. It's a total change from living in an area where the population is over 1 million people. This has actually been a wonderful experience for my wife and I, but it has taken all this time to get used to it also. Would I like to live somewhere else? Yep, Bozeman would be nice, but I truly like the Helena area. It's close to Read More

Queen City's Tarnished Crown. - 3/24/2009
As a descendant of original settlers in the Helena Valley and having myself lived here the majority of my life, it saddens me to see my once beloved city become the capitol of pretentiousness. The massive influx of out of staters into Helena in the last 15 years has completely changed the dynamic and attitude of Helena and not for the better.

The cost of living is ridiculous and the wages are rock bottom. Many people have to hold down numerous jobs just to eek by. The shopping is non-existent unless Wal-Mart, KMart and Target is your cup of tea.

The roads are not made for the amount of traffic that is here and the horrible self-important drivers make it even worse in trying to get around. I almost forgot the train that runs through the middle of Helena that holds up traffic several times a day.

If you are from out of state then you will probably love the mountains, lakes and be used to the self importance of the general public. As for me Read More

Sheltered Community - 1/25/2009
Helena is very limiting in what it offers to people who do not enjoy outdoor recreation. During the cold winters it is easy to become isolated and depressed because most of the recreation is outdoors Read More

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833 S California St
Bed 8 | Bath 6

6520 Noble Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 4

1060 Sonoma Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

8518 Backburn
Bed 2 | Bath 1

630 West Main St
Bed 5 | Bath 2

4756 Shore View Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

6973 York Rd
Bed 1 | Bath 1


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