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Clarkson, Nebraska Reviews

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Illegal Immigrants in Clarkson - 11/5/2008
The small percentage of hispanics in our town, live 2 blocks from ONE house. They are ALL illegal. How do I know this? Because it's my stepsister's husband and his brothers! They've been here for longer than I have (I've been here over a year) and even with the police knowing that they're here illegally and breaking the law, (my stepsister's husband has been stopped numerous times for driving illegally) nothing is done about it. It's another case of small town politics. If what is being done about illegals here is any indication of the future, if you're from Mexico or some other country and you want to live in the United States with no fear of being hauled back to Mexico, this is where you want to be. According to the statistics shown as of the time of this post, there are rental vacancies Read More

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Health Care - 11/5/2008
The health care count cracks me up. We have 1 doctor and 1 vet. We have no pharmacy unless you by chance can get your meds filled at the doctor's office. So, if you need meds otherwise, it's approximately a 70 mile round trip to go to Walmart or Read More

Thinking of moving to Clarkson? - 11/5/2008
I moved to Clarkson just over 1 year ago. This is the most unfriendly, gossiping town I have ever seen in my life. Clarkson and the town next to us (Howells) have quite the snake problem. Due to that fact, my kids and I put moth balls in the storm cellar outside to chase the snakes away. The newest rumor is that we have dead bodies in our cellar. This is how nosy people are here. They actually take the time to make note of and gossip about my cellar. My son applied for a job at the nursing home here and was told that "the townspeople" didnt want him to be hired to work there. He has no record, is not a trouble maker and has excellent manners. A lady I spoke with recently moved here just over a year ago as well. Her teenaged daughter broke up with a boy that she had been dating in school. Now, a relative of the boy's, that does heating & air conditioning work, hasnt bothered fixing the lady's appliance that is in need of repair. Coincidence? Not hardly. He had done work for Read More

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