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Weather in Henderson - 3/9/2013
I always say that Henderson has Nevada skies and California sunshine. The weather is really easy to live with Read More

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Henderson/Las Vegas - 9/16/2012
Cheap housing, great entertainment......BUT Vegas area is VERY secluded!
You can get anyplace around town in 30 minutes. This town get's old fast.Im always driving to LA or PHX....Moved here in 2001, departed in 2003 but returned in 2010 and cant wait to leave. Its a good place to visit, and it's cheap to fly/stay however there are so many more awsome cities in this US. Think twice before moving to Vegas.........I grew up on the atlantic ocean in Florida, have lived in Scottsdale,AZ, Houston,TX, Denver,CO (denver is really amazing) and Calabasas,CA......ask me anything if you want.have a nice Read More

places to live - 8/21/2012
places to lives seems the same alot even when changing things Read More

Temp - 2/9/2012
Perfect temps year Read More

Illegal to start a business in your own garage/hom - 12/17/2011
After serving my country overseas for decades I purchased a house here 3 years ago. My parents have lived here for 25 years or so.

The only thing I wanted to do was start a small business in a small shop behind my house and help take care of my parents. I spent 11 years purchasing mills and lathes and storing them here, getting ready so everything was squared away when the time came. I purchased a home with a huge shop in the back (already made). Poured a new concrete floor etc., to get everything ready.

I left Afghanistan a few months ago to start it. Happiest time of my life right! First thing I did was go down to the City Hall to get a business license. Imagine my surprise to find out that in Henderson, NV it is ILLEGAL to have any kind of home based business in your garage or shop. Unbelievable. Never in my wildest dreams did I even imagine that people could ban people from having a business in their own homes. They have taken that freedom away.  Read More

Henderson, NV - 9/24/2011
I have lived in Henderson, NV for 3 years and I think that it's a great city and everyone that I have met are all very friendly. I do not have any small children that go to school here however, I heard that the "Green Valley" area has very good schools. By the way, the shopping is great at the "Gallera Mall" on Sunset Blvd plus, there are alot of great restaurants in the area to choose from. Read More

Unemployment in Nevada is at an all time high - 7/31/2011
There is little diversity in the job market in southern Nevada. The casinos are the number one employer here. Lost jobs and home forclosures run rapid. Henderson is a much more community interest city than Las Read More

cost of living in high - 6/2/2011
I would not believe the cost of living index for Henderson, NV. We pay an average of $600 a month for gas, electric and water and we live in a Pulte single story energy star home! We live in a igloo! We only turned our heater on a few times last winter. We make really good money and can not afford to live here anymore since the cost of living has more than doubled since we moved here 10 years ago. No income tax but there are plenty of other fees and taxes to make up for that; ie. car registration, LID's etc!!! Our electric costs get as high as $550 in the summer with the thermostat set at 78. Keep in mind, summer can last from April to Sept. Nevada does not get a break on the cost of water either even though we have Lake Mead because of the agreements that were made when the dam was built. Read More

Clark County Museum - 1/26/2011
The best Museum in the area, and the cheapest! (1-2 dollars per person) The street of historic homes that one can self-tour, is the best part, but right now in the Main Exhibit Building, there is a great exhibit with funny vintage TV commercials from the 50's and 60's...This place is a treat in the winter, because so much is outdoors...visit now before summer comes....but when it does, the houses are all air-conditioned...you just may not want to spend a lot of time exploring the Ghost Town and Mining Trail in the summer months.
Open Daily, 9-4:30pm, except major holidays. www.clarkcountynv.gov, Read More

Clark County Museum - 1/26/2011
For between 1-2 dollars each (or zero for toddlers) you and your family can enjoy a great experience outdoors or in at the Clark County Museum, which is on a 30 acre site that includes the Main Exhibit Hall, a street of historic homes you can explore, a barn, Train depot and caboose you can go into, a Ghost Town and Mining Trail you can wander through, a Nature Trail to meander down, and of course a gift shop. This unrecognized gem is open DAILY from 9am-4;30 pm, except for 3 major holidays. You will see cottontails, ground squirrels, and maybe a jackrabbitt and roadrunner to boot. The Wedding Chapel they moved here fron the Las Vegas strip is beautifully restored, and there is a huge steam engine too. Photographers' Read More

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628 Blue Crystal Creek Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 2

888 Vegas View Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 5

2403 Sharp Spur Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

2008 Colvin Run Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1198 Red Jade Ct
Bed 5 | Bath 3

2988 Paseo Hills Way
Bed 3 | Bath 3

2339 Prometheus Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 5


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