Minden, Nevada 

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Reviews for Minden  based on 3 Reviews

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Saint Minden, Nevada - 6/30/2019
Moved here to escape traffic and stress
Love the people and quality of Read More

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Northern Nevada - 3/16/2008
We moved from Southern California (suburbs of LA) almost 3 years ago to get away from the bad traffic and too many people. We thought Northern Nevada was the perfect place to go for wide open spaces, great outdoor recreation and a better quality of life. But oh yea, we still had to have jobs. Not ready to retire just yet.

The lifestyle here IS wonderful. Walk outside your back yard into the hills/mountsins; hiking all year round (even in the snow); ATV'ing; skiing . . . you name it.

The economy here is really bad right now . . . .unemployment is up to over 5%. Housing is expensive, since all us Californians have moved in, and has now slumped greatly. Utilities and groceries are expensive..

Bottom line: unless you're ready to retire, Minden is NOT Read More

great place to live but expensive - 7/8/2006
The Carson Valley is a beautiful place to live. Lake Tahoe 20 min. away. Snow skiing 20 min. away. Summers are great mostly in the 90s. and dry. Mountains suround the valley so views a beautiful. However there is a price to pay property is very expensive and the cost of living is high. I think it is a great to raise Read More

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