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My Thoughts on Santa Fe - 9/1/2019
I’ve been going to Santa Fe for the last 15 years. I have always wanted to move there, but couldn’t until I retired. I’ve lived in LA and Phoenix, and can’t wait to get to this beautiful soulful small town. I’m single and will post again about finding friends. Of course it has its problems, but they seem to be so little compared to LA and Phoenix. I just sold my house in Phoenix and am now under contract on a townhouse in Santa Fe. I can’t wait!!  Read More

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Great, but not perfect - 5/26/2019
Bought a house here in 2013 and split my time here with other house in Adirondack Mountains of NYS. Santa Fe is great, but not perfect.

Love the climate. 306 days of great sunshine and deep blue skies. Summers rarely hit 90F. Low humidity here in the high desert so no sleepless nights as nighttime temps back down to 60F to 70F even in the heat of summer. City at 7,000’ elevation gets about 20” snow a year, but a Ski Santa Fe on mountain with 12,000’ elevation, gets over 240”.

Great arts and culture. 3rd biggest art market in US. Many free events and festivals.

People very friendly for a small city that can be over run with tourists.

Within 3 miles of the historic Plaza restaurants and real estate pricy, but go further out and prices much lower. Many working families opt for just south of the city or in the town of Eldorado.

Biggest negative is the beaucracy here. You would think the Colonial Spanish never left. Single Read More

Carnival of fools - 3/15/2019
The only 2 things about Santa Fe that are nice is the scenery and the weather. But, those two things cannot bring about the total comfort and homeyness that makes a city a great place to live. Firstly, Sperling shows a fatal flaw about Sante Fe. A 50K average income with a close to 400K avg housing price? Hmmm, Denver home prices with 35% less avg income. California rent prices in a little town with ZERO private sector industry (Tourism does not count because those jobs have menial wages) and state gov't jobs. Umm, No. The other fatal flaw is that Santa Fe is always rated as one of the top 5 rudest cities in America. They have deadly drivers, a huge illegal (Yes liberals, illegal means illegal) population, extremely HIGH income inequality (something liberals always yammer on about but never do anything about) and a shrinking population and tourism. Even though Santa Fe is a failed little town with a looming deficit, it doesn't stop their pretentious residents from making it as an Read More

Not worth the hefty price tag - 12/18/2018
Santa Fe is beautiful and has nice weather, but it's got a big city cost of living while not having much to offer in exchange. It's small, doesn't really have anything to do and gets boring, but charges like it's a metropolis. I mean there's Meow Wolf, the surrounding pueblos, the Plaza, and that's about it. Each of those get pretty old after two or three visits.

I will say though, the animal shelter is very nice. They take great care of the dogs, let you pet them and interect with them; so if you're looking for a dog that's already social and well taken care of, they've got you covered! Read More

A great place to live or visit! - 5/5/2017
400+ Years of history and culture embody Santa Fe. Located at 7,000" with the ski basin at 12,000 makes a spectacular setting and weather that is impossible to beat with four full seasons. Just an hour north of Albuquerque with 600,000 population and many additional activities. When I moved here
25 years ago wishing to live in the mountain west I took all of the Sunday newspapers for a year from Colorado to Santa Fe. Santa Fe always has activities year round compared to many which were only seasonal. A world class opera is just one of the many entertainment venues.
The cost of living statistics don't tell the whole story as it is an informal place not requiring a suit and tie anywhere. Property taxes are low which makes a big difference. It's a great place to live. Read More

Great Mountain Sports, Art and Culture - 3/4/2016
Great for Art lovers, anyone who loves mountain sports, rock hounders, anyone interested in Native American or Spanish Colonial Read More

Living in Santa Fe....a realistic view. - 1/12/2016
I have read many comments about the high costs of living in a place like Santa Fe and would like to add my 2 cents. If you have lived in higher cost of living areas such as the East Coast or SoCal you will not find Santa Fe will be quite comparable. The City Different has set aside areas where housing is affordable 200K or under to buy. Sure, there are plenty of areas that have housing that is much higher than that...but the point is that this is reasonable for a Capitol city and tourist area.

Rents are not the cheapest- but then again, consider where you are moving to. There are cheaper areas that surround SF where the rents do go down if you are willing to commute.

I find food costs to be the same as the other places that I have lived. Utilities are a bit cheaper and with the mild climate more affordable.

Santa Fe is a place that is inhabited by different sectors of society: the local hispanic/white community, the artistic Read More

Middle Class stay away - 8/25/2015
I'm a young/middle age, single professional who is middle class. The disparity in this town is staggering related to the socio-economic classes. I can't find anyone who is an average working class resident. It's extremely disproportionately aged (those 55 y.o. and older), reserved, socially conservative (although, strangely, everyone here is a registered democrat) and absolutely bland. Nothing open at night except lousy bars. Not a major college which restricts the movement of different ideologies. Really can't think of a worse place for my demographics. Came here for a job and can't wait to leave. These are the 3 classes I observe: low income, Hispanic, redneck type many who rev up their engines as it's some sort of a status symbol to have a vehicle without a muffler so they can act like punks out of hell, then the zoned out hippies and worst of all the ultra-liberal, white democrats who feel they own everything (they actually do). I've never lived in a place where I just Read More

Quality of life is good, cost of living is high - 12/18/2014
The quality of life is good in Santa Fe although you do have to contend with limited shopping and entertainment options. The traffic is low and the job opportunities are also limited. The cost of living is high and it's tough to make a go of it Read More

in answer to the cons of moving to santa fe - 8/4/2013
Rationally, I agree with many of the criticisms from former residents of the city different. However,like many of you my introduction was as a tourist, the main difference was upon leaving my first time, I found myself really crying at the thought of going home. From that point on, I've been there many months, even going so far as buying two and a half acres in Eldorado for only 50k, unheard of now. But I've found that the people treat me as I treat them. Yes, I've definitely picked up the vibe that some people want us to leave, and certainly the enormous wealth is disturbing. I lost my small plot in a divorce, and I only have two close friends but when I'm not in Santa fe, I am miserable. No price is too dear to wake up to those turquoise skies, see the mountains and walk the red earth. No, I'll gladly die in Santa fe. Sign me, former new yorker, soon to be former richmonder. They can keep this humidity, and talk about traffic and crime come here.
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