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Reviews for Keansburg  based on 2 Reviews

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Wow Keansburg - 5/27/2011
I recently took a ride through Keansburg and unfortunately I was not impressed at fact quite the opposite... it's not the place to raise a family or live if you can avoid it..sorry to say I was very disappointed for a town near the bay with an amusement park located in it and in monmouth county too Read More

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Your Website is a LIE !!! - 5/30/2010
Dear Sirs
Someone wrote me and asked me to go to your Website and read about Keansburg, N.J. 07734, well I did and I can't believe you don't check your information out before you print it. Now about 100 of us know that the reported Jim from Asbury Park Press is paid off in Beers for the lies he prints about how great Keansburg is so we want to know what the town gave you ?
I paid $252,000 for my home 4 years ago and the Taxes when I moved in were $800.00 per quarter. Well now my home is worth ( According to the town ) $163,000 and Now my Taxes have gone up to $1250.00 per quarter.
On top of that everyone who works for the town got raises and the town being one mile square they now make a minimum of $90,000.00 a year and all we have is pay offs left and right. Another thing is because of the Towns Bills to us people are leaving their keys on the Kitchen Counters and just walking away, we cannot afford the towns foley.
Get your BUTT down here and I'll take Read More

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