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Living in new york city - 10/7/2014
A car is not necessary. All boroughs are connected by subway lines. Worrying about gas money and car insurance is not necessary until you've lived in the city for over a year and know all the bridge and tunnels.
It's very convenient and usually close to most living areas, you may have to do a bus connect.
The subway is fast and a train comes atleast every ten minutes. All you really need is a subway Read More

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Real Estate Sales Associate - 9/29/2014
Hello Every one, My name is Makrm Holmes and
i am a local Real estate broker out here in Staten Island,NY.
If your Looking to Buy or sell a home out here Please
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Negotiating real estate, Short Sale & Foreclosure Specialist,
Cash flow Read More

Living in Brooklyn, NY - 9/2/2014
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I attended elementary school, middle school, and high school, in Brooklyn, New York, and college in Manhattan. I worked at part time summer jobs while going to college. I even worked for the City of New York for three years before moving out. I hated living in NYC for the last eight years that I lived there. Basically, I couldn't take the following:
a) Quality of life-The polluted air, and the polluted streets, flowing with debris, litter, and dog droppings;
b) The unfriendliness of the population, who would step right over you, if you fell down in the street. One time, when I had a lot of heavy suitcases, and was returning from a trip, I offered to pay someone if they would help me carry the suitcases for several blocks to my home. Not only did they refuse, but they even cursed me out;
c) The aggressiveness of the population- New Yorkers will want to start a physical fight at the drop of a hat. It could involve giving a Read More

Update from my review of NYC written 11/20/2012 ab - 9/2/2014
I just reviewed my review of NYC from 11/20/2012. Here it is 2 years later and can honestly say my review was "right on". Your experience of NYC depends of course on YOUR personality, your situation in life, and what is most important to you. NYC is for a certain type of person, a certain situation.

If you are a middle class family with 2 kids, I would NOT recommend NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or Bronx) . If you have in income of at least $500,000 a year.. you might find Manhattan or Williamsburg (Brooklyn) interesting.

If you are single and young, you'll love it. Will open your eyes, your world, and when you are young, you can just squeeze into tiny places and share with 4 people LOL. By 26 though you will be sick of that arrangement. I do hear so so many young people complaining and discouraged about work opportunities and these are attractive, educated young people so this saddens me. Then there are the lucky ones to get something.

If Read More

Brooklyn + New York are EXPENSIVE but there's lots - 8/28/2014
I have lived in downtown Brooklyn(Forte Greene area) for the last 27 years and it's a beautiful place but it ain't cheap. There's lots of museums in Manhattan(NYC) and restaurants/bars of every description in all 5 boroughs. There's lots of ethnic neighborhoods with tantalizing food to match. There's plenty of buses, subways and cabs. Unless you are rich, your apartment will be more "Tokyo style" ie: SMALL. I am tired of living in a postage stamp and I want out now that I'm retirement age--I can sell my studio and afford a 3 bedroom house in the boonies and maybe even save some money, Read More

Crime and Quality of Life in Brooklyn, New York - 8/24/2014
Prior to the July 4th weekend, in 2011, I decided to visit my brother and his family, in Brooklyn, NY. He lives in the area of Avenue L, and E. 33rd St. There is a street called Nostrand Avenue, which is to the west of his location. On Friday evening, we were walking to Synagogue; my brother decided to take Nostrand Avenue, between Avenue K and Avenue L. Immediately, I was uneasy, as I saw dozens of teenagers making noise, and creating a disturbance in a local school yard, in close proximity to the street. Unfortunately, I forgot about that incident. However, on the way home, my brother, who should have known better decided to walk back the same way. He should have taken E. 31st St., or E. 32nd St., which run parallel to Nostrand Avenue. To this day, I don't know why he decided to go again, walk on Nostrand Avenue. This time, there were more teenagers congregating, and fighting with each other, as well as throwing water balloons at each other. One of them landed near us, and I Read More

New York, New York - 8/7/2014
The theater cannot be Read More

rating crime - 6/30/2014
high rate crime, drug relate Read More
Juan | ,  | Reply | No Replies

NYC - 4/23/2014
New York city is one of the nations niceiest place to live.All cultures,all kinds of people coming from all over the place.I love New York.May God Bless Our Great City. Read More

St philip neri school, Bronx,NY - 4/15/2014
My child have been going to this school for years, until the new principal came in. It was like a very bad storm.This woman called Mrs Heed,there is so much I like to say,and I do know for a fact,a lot of parents, know just what I am saying. This evil thing I call her, do not know how to talk to parents, she talks down at u, like you are one of her kids, by the way, I am so sorry for her kid, and the children she is principal to. She has made lots of drama in my family life, yes in my family life, now I see why, so meany parents, took there kids out of St Philip neri school.And the teachers, I think they feel Mrs, badness,cause, they have such bad moods, or they maybe, dont want to lose they jobs,cause I notice they are ass kisses to the Heed, like her MINIONS,lol, her little people. So with all this stress on my child and my family, cause of Heed, I will have to take my kid out of this place,its what my child wants,and i know my child will do much, much, better at another school. Read More

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