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A quiet life - 3/30/2008
If you want country life, privacy, and freedom to live as you please, this may be the place for you. The local people are friendly, if not very sophisticated. The area is mostly rural, with a small business section on the main highway. You'll have to be pretty outgoing to find things to do away from home and people with whom to Read More

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Questionable water - 3/30/2008
I wonder what water was tested for the statistics. The county water system issues warnings fairly regularly (about twice a year since we've lived here) that certain carcinogens are in excess of US standards. Drinking bottled water is a good idea here. There's a good deal of commercial farming in the area, which may be contributing chemicals to the ground water. To my knowledge, the only other problem is littering, which is especially bad on the rural highways and roads, even though it is regularly picked up by crews from the county jail. The air quality isn't too bad, and access to health care is pretty good for such a geographically isolated Read More

Small town and rural recreation - 3/30/2008
The main recreation in the area seems to be hunting and fishing. During deer season, some hunters park their pickups on the rural highways and release their dogs to "run" the deer to where they can shoot them from the road. We're hoping laws will eventually be enacted to do away with this. There are a number of hunt clubs with reserves for deer, bears, ducks and doves. There are many creeks and rivers with public and private access for fishing. To my knowledge, the only sports events in the area are high school, and there are no public parks other than the little port on Bay River. There are few, if any, concerts and plays outside of school and church events. Parades are held on the main street several times a year. The public library is the high school library. People often go to New Bern or Oriental (30-45 minutes' drive) for recreation and cultural Read More

Plenty of weather here - 3/30/2008
Much of the county is subject to flooding from frequent rains. It is very hot in the summer, 90-100 degrees for several months. Mosquitoes are rampant 7-8 months of the year. It is humid all year. Winds are often high throughout the fall, winter and spring. Winter snow and ice are rare. Being so near the coast, tropical storms and hurricanes are to be prepared for. The soil is fertile, and the overall climate conducive to gardening and farming. There are many rivers and creeks throughout the Read More

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