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Hate of Southern American Culture - 9/10/2019
Cons, No ethnic diversity"... How is that a "Con"? That means it has a rich traditional culture, where most people share a interest in the same Read More

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Hickory - 7/9/2011
I was born and raised in Hickory and I was finally able to escape. For anyone looking for a place to live and work, try somewhere else. The job market is absolutely awful, and what few jobs there are available are low wage dead end jobs.

We have seen a number of people from the North move to Hickory in recent years and those of us who were born there wonder why anybody in their right mind would move to a dirty old mill town with no jobs and seemingly no future. If I were looking for a place to retire, it would not be Hickory. Read More

It doesn't really get any better than this! - 9/21/2008
Hickory is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in the western part of North Carolina. Born and raised in Caldwell county, just over the bridge, I've spent about half of my life, longing to be back home. You see, I left this area in 1989, searching for something more. I lived for more than a few years in Alaska, Vermont, Czech Republic, Massachusettes and finally settled on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Until returning to The South in 2005, I'd grown content in the Northeast, but inside I felt that something was missing. There's something to be said for Southern Hospitality and no other place in the world can even compare.
We experience four very distinct seasons here in Hickory which add to the comfort of home. Whether you're new to the area or are a Southerner who's never left, Hickory is a place where everybody's welcome. People are friendly and living is affordable. We're only about a half hour drive to the Blue Ridge Mountains and maybe 4-5 hours Read More

Hickory is a great city! - 4/10/2007
Hickory is a great city to live in. Located in the North Carolina foothills in Catawba county, it is also bordered by Lake Hickory. The city is growing but is not overpopulated. Traffic isnt too bad either. 2007 brought the announcement of several new businesses coming to the area, including a Google processing center and a Target Corp. Distribution center to name a few. The weather is nice year-round. Located by interstate 40, you can hop on the interstate and drive west into the mountains, or east towards the coast. The city is growing, and has a rather large mall named Valley Hills Mall, all the major chain stores and restaraunts, Hickory Crawdads Baseball Stadium, Lenoir-Rhyne College, etc...
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Are you nuts? - 9/30/2006
Anybody who would want to move to Hickory must be out of your minds. The scenery is nice, however, good paying jobs are hard to find. The job market is awful, the poor are just getting poorer, local businesses are suffering, etc. The nightlife here is non-existant. Our community college is overflowing because everybody is trying to go back to school to get a descent job. One perk. The real estate is cheap because there are more foreclosures in the paper than JOBS! I sincerely hope you think about your move.
** A Read More

Hickory is a pretty town - 4/23/2006
We moved to Hickory in November 2005. We like the weather and it is a pretty town. The economy is not very strong and good paying jobs are hard to find. If you are in certain professions (health care, accounting, IT) it is ideal. We're not sure if we'll Read More

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