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Nothing here:( - 1/21/2016
I grew up in Marion Ohio. The pros are the cost of living is low, we have decent and safe schools in my opinion. For the most part it is a safe and quiet town. Cons are that there is nothing to do here for fun but the skating ring and the bowling alley. Plus the weather is horrible. I can not wait to leave. Its not a bad place but if you want more out of life and want to do things in life then dont come Read More

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terrible place to raise kids - 8/4/2013
I was born and raised in Marion, Ohio. I've seen every single inch of this town. It looks nice when your passing by on st rt 23. But looks are deceiving it is full of drug addicts , dealers, and drunks. Ten years ago the problem was crack and cocaine now it's heroin. Driving through town you can read signs in people's yards that state: Heroin is Marion Economy! Downtown is full of Bars and people are always being hurt or killed. Anyone can fall prey here. Read More

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