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Wrong kind of diversity ruins small town feel - 11/23/2019
Moved my family here for business in Corvallis and regret not moving to Corvallis instead. We left a bigger city to get away from gang-banger type neighbors and we are sad to report Albany is heading in that direction. Our Mex**can neighbors are incredibly loud, rude and let their kids scream as well as blast music loud enough where we cannot open a window. It affects the elderly home on our street, too. Not to be crass but if you're going to "enrich" a community---try and fit in and be respectful. Stay in California where extreme behavior and diversity is welcome. Never thought I would still hear gunshots at night again but it looks like the same "stuff" that made us move in the first place is also here. Shame on us for wanting a quiet, safe community full of working and retired people who are legally here and follow the rules. The whole "everyone is welcome" approach is kind and ideal but you might end up losing the existing peace and culture you had all along. Interesting how Read More

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I'll pass thank you... - 7/13/2019
Now I know why this place is referred to as "The armpit of Oregon". After living there for 10 years it became like living in a dirty and dark closet. What an awful Read More

Albany resident. - 7/6/2019
The other reviews are pretty accurate and I live in Albany. Law enforcement is AMAZING here---there is usually a Sheriff's car or truck on every corner. If you are a criminal or want to hide from the law here, bad idea. One dispatcher told me you can call them over "anything." Having small children this is important to me. Not a good place for illegals either, my current job required a 10 year background history of where I was living as do most jobs. The sports are great, U of O is the best, and check out Frankie's restaurant over the bridge. Novak's is great too. The only downside is LOTS of rain and gray skies but what do you want this is Oregon. Read More

Living in Albany - 6/15/2019
I'm a resident and I will tell you the good and the bad. Lots of friendly people, great law enforcement and traffic is not bad. It can stay dark and cloudy/rainy for weeks but I don't mind. The bad:
VERY hard to find a job here. Like the other review states you have to have a valid Oregon license, birth certificate, background check etc read and write english and the pay is grossly below the national avg. and wages are VERY low. Getting housing assistance is not easy. I would not recommend moving a family here unless you can survive on $10-11 an hour. Anything higher requires a 2-4 year degree. If you are elderly and need a place to retire in a one bedroom studio this might be better for you. People are very chatty and like to be neighborly. Read More

Used to be a great little town until newcomers - 6/6/2019
To any outsiders wanting to come here: You HAVE to be able to pass a solid background check, drug test, speak english and have a VALID Oregon drivers license to get a job or apartment here. A lot of people who don't understand this come here and wonder the streets looking for work or try and get on assistance (there is a 2-4 year waiting period if you even qualify)----so please go back to California if you want to live off your state and not contribute. And please learn english if you want to move here. Albany residents don't want to hear your house-parties where 20 of your illegal cousins show up from Mexico----we have a very strong police presence here, this is not California. Albany WAS wonderful until opportunists showed up. Read More
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Fantastic up and coming town! - 5/14/2019
Albany has changed a lot for the better in the past few years. The schools are good, tons of parks, lots of amenities, big support for local businesses, right off the I5. It's a great little town with a lot to offer and lots of potential to be even lower amazing. The City has really pushed to clean up sketchy areas and make sure all properties are kept looking nice. The police department is awesome and really cares about Albany and works hard to keep crime low. Yes there are transients and drug addicts (just like every single other place in the country) and just like everywhere else Albany works to find resources for them when possible. Albany is near tons of rivers, waterfalls, amazing hiking and biking trails, the coast, mountains for skiing, and even sand dunes for sand boarding. Albany is very pet friendly as well. This is a great place to raise a family and be a part of a positive community that is growing and becoming better everyday. Read More

Nonstop Gray in the Allergy Capital - 5/11/2019
If you like alternating between months and months of nonstop gray followed by sunnier months in the allergy capital of the country, this is the place for you.

For the rest of us, Albany is a miserable place.

You'll notice that most of the good reviews are from people from Oregon, many having lived their lives in the area. Those of us from other areas have a good comparison and realize where Albany is lacking.

Even compared to other parts of Oregon, the people here aren't especially friendly. A surprising number of people have actual depression. I'm easily the only outgoing person I know, but this place is chipping away at my optimism.

There's more poverty then you'd expect when you consider the state of the economy and cost-of-living. There's no diversity, no culture, and little variation in anything, including the people. The food is bland and terrible. (This is true in most of Oregon.)

If I stay in Oregon, I'd Read More

Fantastic up and coming town! - 3/10/2019
I've lived in Oregon for almost 3 years and my family of four just bought a house in Albany 9 months ago. I love how close Albany is to the I5, and lots of locally owned stores, as well as plenty of grocery stores (and a Costco). The farmers market is awesome and one of our fave places to go on weekends during the summer! Albany has TWO libraries (one a Carnegie library, the other a very new, modern library) that offer multiple family friendly events. Albany has an awesome mall with a small free indoor play area, as well as an indoor bounce house place that my kids love. Our Walmart is big, clean and has new EV charging stations available. Albany has some great locally owned restaurants with fantastic gluten free menus (if you need that). The community of Albany bands together when the going gets tough and it's awesome to see. Yes there are transients and drug users, but you find that in every town, it just may be more noticeable in a small town like Albany compared to a larger city. Read More

Hayden homes - 1/1/2017
Albany seems nice, do not buy Hayden homes however, worst decision in my 65 years by Read More

My thoughts on Albany - 9/12/2012
I moved to Albany a year ago. Prior to that I lived in Corvallis for twenty years. Before Corvallis, I lived in Coos Bay for twenty five years. Of the three towns, I like Albany the best. The people are so friendly, I felt at home the first week. There is so much to do here for me seeing my college days have long been over. We have River Rythems in the summer, and beautiful parks by the river to hike, picnic, fish and play. We also have Lakeshore Lanes where you can bowl a dollar a lane on Tuesdays. Albany has many groups for different interests. The one I like is "Albany Meet Ups". We have a dance clubs, nice theater, new library, a fairgrounds with lots of different events, JPC church (love that church), and oh yes...old town has some really cool little shops to discover treasures and some of the most hidden away ones have the best food! I suggest parking your car in old town, and walking the streets to investigate the special secrets that the locals know. On top of all that we are Read More

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