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Crime? - 4/18/2016
Having lived outside La Pine proper, in the county, over 20 years, I think crime is very low. I see a safe place for kids to grow up, having outdoor adventures, fishing and swimming in rivers and lakes, riding bicycles with little traffic, good schools, close community of warm caring folks. Their 4th of July Frontier Days with rodeo and fair, ferris wheel and rides is pure small town charm and the fireworks are as professional as a big city. La Pine is a hidden Read More

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Southern Deschutes County is 4 Seasons Recreation - 12/18/2013
La Pine & surrounding area are a hub for things to do & see in all directions. SOUTH is Crater Lake, of course. WEST is 66 mile loop (great for motorcycles) Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway with reservoirs & over a dozen lakes for fishing, boating, sightseeing, or lunch. The drive (south to north)has stunning views of the volcanic Cascade Mountains. You can ride the ski lift at Mt. Bachelor at the north end - views & exciting!

But the best thing La Pine offers is Newberry Ntl. Monument, just NORTH of the little city (2 grocery stores). Like Crater Lake but with more cool things to do. Walk in acres of black glass obsidian. Drive to Paulina Peak for a 360 view at elevation 8000' overlooking East Lake & Paulina Lake, both good fishing. Miles of hiking, hidden hot springs. Cabins & Lodges are there or at Hwy 97 intersection. Winter snowmobiling has beautiful scenery, and rentals are in La Pine.

EAST is a geologist's dream with neat volcanic features and Fort Rock Read More

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