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government officials as royalty, rightists only, i - 1/31/2011
This area is beautiful. However, If your rights are violated, or you pursue a legitimate complaint, you will get harassed. The police are only for the rich residents. Politics are far right, and majority of residents are conservative or fundamentalist Christians who avoid the problems by staying in their own world. Grudging customer service, very poor bus service, and the only recreation going to church. If you come here bring your own support system and have your own business already established, as they fight new business tooth and nail. Read More

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Roseburg - 6/20/2010
Mild weather, a lot of cloudy, rainy days, nice people, somewhat set back in time regarding how things are Read More
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Director, Patient Accounts - 3/26/2010
I found this website very informative. I plan to use it in my job Read More

Great place to retire... - 3/13/2010
I moved here to Roseburg, because my SS check was not enough to cover my basic bills on the east coast.
Reasonably clean places to live can be had for $350 + depending on your needs. A house can be rented for $600-750. To buy a home can be as low as $5,000 for a MH in a park. A stick built house, on land, can be had as low as $70,000.
A new and intersting lifestyle, RV living, is also reasonable. $300/mo for a nice site, you pay for electric. There are a growing number of these around.
Food is cheap and plentiful. Due to the warm climate, you can buy fruit and veggies at the farm stand all year round.
There are tons of second hand shops. They have most anything you need to furnish or clothe on a dime.
Although the figures show the jobless rate to be high. There is a significant amount of homeless in the area. Due to the relatively mild climate, and the veterens hospital in town. Homeless vets can get healthcare etc. The homeless snowbird Read More

Great weather... - 3/13/2010
The weather is great.
Low Humidity. Sun for 6-7 months staight.
Winter is intermittantly rainy... Not tlike most people say. The clouds break every day in the winter.
It never freezes the ground. I can have a garden 12 months of the year. My first year, even with a fall freeze snap, I had green onions, Swiss chard, fresh parsley, tarragon, and brussel sprouts all winter.
Grass grows in the winter, is brown, unless you water, in the summer.
Trees lose their leaves in the fall, but there is alway a green pall to the landscape, due to the moss and lichen.
I love the fact that the area closes down if it snows. I hate slippery, cold weather.
I can deal with a little rain. If it is raining here, it is probably snowing Read More

Crime in Roseburg Oregon - 12/14/2009
As someone who has lived here for many years and has operated a business here for 5 years, I would wonder if the official crime statistics are adjusted quite a bit to reflect more favoribly on the community. For one thing this area ,for the most part, does not recognize prostitution as a punishable offence. I have heard from multiple sources that is most often relabeled as "disorderly conduct" or "tresspassing". This looks much better in the paper, but doesnt really hide the problem. With this little problem there are other associated problems as well, like the high theft,property crimes, and lots of meth and other drugs in the community. The area can seem slow and laid back on the surface, but after you have been here awhile, you start to see through the illusion, and it can be somewhat Read More

political/legal climate - 11/1/2009
Roseburg is quite conservative although it is a relatively poor town with a high cost of Read More

Better life - 5/11/2009
Cleaner air, fewer Read More

How's the air? - 11/21/2008
Why is it that most pictures that I have seen of Roseburg look smoky or hazy,,,what is that? I notice that on this website the air quality is not rated Read More

If I could choose one place to live for the rest o - 11/5/2008
Growing up on the outskirts of town, I never realized just how amazing Roseburg was. After I met the man that I Love, he joined the Air Force and I was forced to seperate with everything I ever knew about having a home. Once I started to realize how good I had it in Roseburg, it was like part of my heart was ripped out. Now that I have lived in multiple states, it's my realization that no place could even come close to comparing to Roseburg.

The scene: Lush Verdant valleys, small bubbling creeks branching off the beautiful extreme waters of the Great Umpqua river. Hills and mountains that catch the sun on lazy afternoons, spanning colors across the trees and valleys below them. Fun ways to explore wildlife always down the street. Whether it be taking a trip to the fish ladder or visitng one of the many parks or rafting or hiking. Or you could even gather at one of the many points in which to diversify yourself into the Oregon culture... The exceptionally large Read More

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97471 97470

420 Heartwood Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2843 W Oriole Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2350 NW Calkins Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1654 SE Ivy Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

105 Umpqua View Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

4378 SW Stella St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

990 Tipton Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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