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Live in Lansdale,PA for 28 years - 9/16/2014
Lansdale, Montgomery County, PA is a nice community. Low in crime. Good school district (North Penn SD ranked in top 20% of PA school districts per Lots of industry. Conveniently located near Philadelphia, New Jersey shore, 1.5 hours to Pocono mountains, 2 hours to New York City, 3 hours to Washington, D.C., etc. Active Chamber of Commerce and other Read More

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Lansdale, PA - 1/10/2012
A quite town I have lived at for 20+ years. It has undergone many changes through the years, and is a small Read More

Nice but boring - 6/12/2011
Lansdale is a nice little town to live in but not much to do. If you want something exciting to do you would have to drive into Philadelphia but the traffic jams pretty much prevents you from doing Read More

House prices - 7/17/2008
Good selection so close to Read More

Nice place, in the middle of everything - 11/3/2007
Nice quiet place, plenty of malls, jobs, things to do.
Close to New York, Baltimore, Washington, Read More

Life in Southeastern Pennsylvania - 7/29/2006
Excellent schools, aggressive drivers (crappy highway system), dog-friendly with lots of walkers, high property taxes, higher cost of living, excellent scenery and historical interest. Four distinct seasons (a gardener's paradise) with higher levels of precipitation (occasional snows and lingering hurricane Read More

Southeastern Pennsylvania - 5/15/2006
Wonderful school district, probably because of the high taxes required by homeowners. They go above and beyond for students needing special help or an IEP.

Excellent diversity with a higher-than-normal percentage of Asian and Middle Eastern nationalities.

They have good public transportation (buses and trains).

Crappy highway system where commuters are forced to take 2-lane highways through towns and every corner has a stop sign or street light, which makes the drivers tend to tailgate and/or speed through residential neighborhoods as they cut across to 'major' roads. Also, when the light turns red, two or three cars keep coming through so you have to be very careful when you drive. The police do not use radar guns and rarely ticket for these offenses. Another quirk - in PA it is LEGAL to pass a car on the right using the shoulder to get around people who are turning left. Pity for bicyclists!

The city hosts brown-bag concerts Read More

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283 Pennbrook Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 1

952 Powderhorn Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

867 Gettysburg Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

865 Stonybrook Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2105 Country View Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 5

1875 Rampart Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 2

2869 Bayton Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 3


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