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cost of living - 1/11/2015
I would like yo know the cost of living differences between bluffton and Columbus,ohio. I am considering moving down south for employment. Thank Read More

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I love living in Bluffton, SC - 11/14/2012
I moved to the south because I love the romance of cities like Savannah and Beaufort. I also like the weather here. You get used to the hot summers and learn to love them.I am just minutes from Hilton Head Island and Savannah. Bluffton is a safe town and the cost of living is not much higher (if you take into account all factors of living costs) than the area I used to live in (Erie, PA). Taxes are really low here. Housing prices are rather low.
If you love nature you will love living so close to the beaches. Read More

Pros and cons - 7/30/2011
Pros- The weather is beautiful except the summers. Very humid and hot.
Cons- Found lots of racism. It exists even from the transplants from up North. Schools are horrible. No job market. Those that are comfortable are from the North that have retired here and have no life other than to play golf, go to cocktail parties and gossip about neighbors in their respective plantations. There is nothing to intellectually stimulate both young and old. Lots of petty crime outside plantations which makes most a prisoner to respective plantations.

Great place if you want to drink heavily and enjoy local Read More

Southern Review - 4/26/2010
Being in the south has its goods and bads.... There are many opportunities for families to enjoy outdoor activities (that is if you are not fighting with the sand gnats). The shopping and dining are good, but the work force is limited.  Read More

Plusses and minuses - 3/23/2010
Plusses for Bluffton is that it has the highest education and income levels of any SC community (per 2000 US Census. There is a strong tourism and in-migration attraction (nearby Hilton Head, Atlantic Ocean and numerous golf courses). The economics and employment environment are also enhanced by nearby military presence in Beaufort, SC, Savannah and Hinesville, GA; the GA port in Savannah (and new larger port to be built on the Savannah River in lower Jasper County); the proximity (from 7-14 miles from most parts of the general area) to Interstate 95.

Restaurants, shopping, and the general lifestyle is upscale. The local government is proactive to address the issues that accompany growth. Local government officials appear to be conscientious, competent public servants, not opportunistic poloticians.

Minuses are temperate but slightly colder winters than in south GA and FL. There are SC state income taxes (unlike other southern states Florida, Read More

proceed with caution before settling here - 5/9/2008
The live oaks trees, scenic May River Road and Historic Downtown Bluffton give this city natural beauty that's hard to find in a rapidly growing city (not to mention that it's a quick drive to the beach). Though the city is booming, the jobs are mainly low paying retail, so don't come down without something already in place if that's not the career choice you have in mind. People are generally nice however the phrase "yankee" is still alive and well down here. Some use it in a joking manner, others not so much. On top of this, you have a massive influx of illegal immigrants, half of which occupy the retail jobs as well as our government assistance offices. If you don't speak Spanish, you will have your share of frustration with the language barrier that you're bound to hit at one point or another. Summer is crowded with tourists so you may have a difficult time getting around, especially on weekends. The elementary and middle schools are overcrowded to the point that some classes Read More

Good Quality of Life But Surrounding Area Too Over - 5/11/2007
I moved to Sun City Hilton Head, SC two years ago from La Jolla CA because I retired and needed to find a more affordable place to live. Sun City Hilton Head, SC has many fine attributes but the surrounding area is being too over developed and populated. The traffic is so overwhelming and will only get worse in the next few months. I feel like we who live in Sun City Hilton Head are being boxed in. I plan on moving as soon as I can find a place that is not only desirous but affordable, and not so congested and Read More

The Bluffton area is a wonderful place to live for retirees. We are just minutes from Hilton Head Island with it's great beaches, shopping and wonderful resturants. Taxes are very favorable for retirees. The weather is wonderful, though the summer tends to be hot and Read More

Quality of Life-Bluffton, SC - 7/17/2006
Quality of life is excellent here. However, very rapid growth coupled with limited room for expansion and improving road systems is going to seriously diminish that Read More

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29910 29909

184 University Pkwy
Bed 3 | Bath 3

110 Great Heron Way
Bed 3 | Bath 3

26 Park Cir
Bed 3 | Bath 3

32 Bridgewater Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

249 Pickett Mill Blvd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

1 Outfitters Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 5

10 Milkmaid Ln
Bed 2 | Bath 2


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