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Charleston :) - 5/26/2016
Charleston is an amazing place! I grew up there. Mt. Pleasant will be your most pretentious people. The majority of people that live there now are no originally from there. A lot of people from Ohio there. I mean like 1 out of 3 people. Traffic does suck but most city traffic does. I live in DC area now, I love it. But Charleston is where my heart is. And compared to up here people down there are sooooo much more friendly and polite so it makes me so sad to see some many people on here posting negative things. Most, not all, but most Charlestonians are extremely nice and hospitable. Hope whoever does move there enjoys it and helps keep Charleston's good reputation. And for those who did live there and did not enjoy it, I do apologize for all nice Charlestonians! Read More

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Living here and what to expect - 2/29/2016
Mount Pleasant, like a lot of other small towns, has became congested and heavily populated. Traffic Is horrible and the infrastructure will not support any more population growth. It has became a "working town" other than a coastal town with character. Northern politics and northern folks have pretty much taking away from the southern charm of the area. Lived here all my life and watched it go bad, thank goodness i'm leaving! O'yeah...Why is it that "YANKEES" are so proud to be from up north, If it was so good...why did you leave! Read More

Expensive to live here - 9/30/2013
Wages are low especially for professionals. Employers know you want to live near the beach so they don't pay well. You'll do better in Atlanta or Charlotte. You may hear about companies like Blackbaud but they have a very high turnover. Electricity is super high & it is super hot here so you will use a lot.
Housing is expensive plus you will pay much more for flood & homeowners insurances here because of our coastal area. Rentals are in short supply and are expensive. Want to be close to downtown or beaches, expect to pay a whole lot more.
New car prices are high. You will need to go to Charlotte to get a competitive price. Flying to and from Charleston airport is high.
When you look up cost of living, it generally brings up North Charleston area which is a whole lot less than Mount Pleasant. Don't be Read More

Best Place to live ever - 7/17/2013
My fiance and I moved here for less money because the quality of life is amazing. We love it and only wish we could make more Read More

LOVE IT - 1/29/2010
Okay, So I might be a little bias because I am from Mount Pleasant(but now living in Miami, FL :(). However, the BEST place to live. The people are polite, attractive, and fun. Plus the history is rich, interesting and EXPLOSIVE! There is so much to do, see, eat and smell in Charleston, SC. The high places to go are Patriots Point, Battery, Market Street, Long Point area and anywhere downtown. Of course people will always be bias to the way we good OLE' Charlestonians live, but HELL we live it the best :) Have fun, visit, east FISH and Read More

Climate in Mt. Pleasant, SC - 12/6/2009
I have lived in Mt. Pleasant, SC for over 6 years, and I think it has a great year round climate. Initially I noticed that Mt. Pleasant only got rain occassionally. It very seldon gets a deluge or long periods of rain, accordingly, we don't have flooding nor excessive wetness. Further, it has a generally warm climate from spring through fall. Also, in the winter it seldom gets below freezing. The average winter climate is from low 40s to low 60s. Of course, I have never seen snow in Mt. Pleasant since I've been here. The climate is great and being retired, the cost of living is great Read More

one more month! - 7/28/2009
Visited the Charleston area in February, will be relocating there by excited, what a beautiful place with friendly Read More

Mount Pleasant, SC a Great Place to Live - 6/11/2008
After living in Mount Pleasant, SC for the past 3 years it truly is a gem. With great local golfing, fishing and the Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island beaches this place takes the cake. Not to mention great restuarants and the history and pestige that come along with living right next to historic Charleston, SC. If I were going to retire Mount Pleasant would definetly be on my Read More

Nosey Parkers - 11/10/2007
Be prepared to answer the constant question of natives, "Where do you live". And being vague isn't accepted. They want to know exact address so they can categorize Read More

Great place to live if you have a few bucks but ca - 4/3/2007
Mount Pleasant is the premiere suburb in the Charleston, SC area. Beautiful neighborhoods, clean and safe with great schools. Traffic is an issue but is being addressed actively. Mostly transplants from the north live here. Top shelf recreational facilities and esay access to the beach. Historic Charleston right over the Read More

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29464 29466

1609 Longview Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

344 Coinbow Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 5

26 Fernandina St
Bed 5 | Bath 5

1385 Woodlock Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

608 Oak Marsh Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

1421 Oakhurst Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 4

1472 Old Rosebud Trl
Bed 5 | Bath 5


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