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Eh - 3/18/2019
Lived here almost 10 years. Unless you're born and raised/WASP good luck feeling like you fit in...boring town with traffic getting worse, no good shopping, it smells really bad, close to mountains so that's Read More

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No thanks. - 2/19/2019
No job opportunities for college grads. One of the worst climates in America for allergy sufferers. Backwards, low-rent industrialized and country/gentrified community and poor job market coupled with virtually no real local singles scene. Good place for retirees; just too bad about the kids....

Forget any upward ability here. People aren't friendly, or at least not honestly so. If you're a minority of any stripe, or could be suspected of being one....stay away. You'll probably see another 'good' review here soon, but don't buy the hype. The local commerce department has to do something. It's all about the tourism here, I'm Read More

Can’t wait to relocate - 2/13/2019
We are moving there this summer based on many relocation trips, how the city makes us feel, the people and the quality of life based in weather and things to do. Cannot get there quick Read More

Best Town Ever, per Outside Magazine in 2015 - 1/14/2019
All my friends who visit Chattanooga say they want to move here. Great weather, tons to see and do, friendly people, many excellent breweries, bars and restaurants, low cost of living, no state income tax, very walkable in-town neighborhoods, 13 mile paved path for walking and biking along the river that runs through town. Abundant Healthcare with 3 large hospitals within a mile of downtown. I could go on and on.

The downtown, Northside and Southside neighborhoods have experienced a tremendous amount of investment, revitalization, new restaurants, breweries, retail shops, apartments, condos, houses, etc. It has truly been an amazing transformation over the past 5 years. The Chattanooga area has so much to offer with an abundance of outdoor activities available nearby combined with a vibrant arts and theater scene. Come visit ... you might just find that you want to stay!
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Chattanooga is a hole. - 11/27/2018
I'm not wasting my time writing another review that won't be posted. This place Read More

Single? Want a social life? Maybe a job? - 11/27/2018
Wallet Hub rates this place 138 out of 182 in its 'Best and Worst Cities for Singles List', with Atlanta being number one. I hear college graduates aren't just seen as 'over-educated' there Read More

Better than living in Calcutta, I suppose. -_- - 11/25/2018
After moving here from Knoxville, TN when I was ten, the best thing I can say about this prison city that I've lived in for the past three decades is that quality of life here is better than in half of the rest of Obama's America, but that's really not saying much. I suppose if you're an uneducated, low wage union worker redneck who thinks that everyone different is gay and that books are for fairies, you won't simply like it here, you'll thrive with your litter of offspring and trailer trash wife. You can go fishing, sometimes, in the polluted river (they've got some really big catfish here; just don't eat them)....and enjoy the early morning smog, and the air quality which literally kills birds, small animals, and people with allergies and some days is actually less than Beijing's. Also, if you're slightly higher class, you can be a pretentious 'metrosexualized' faux liberal yuppie with the actual sensibilities and judgment of your neighbors as a Quaker might exhibit during a Read More

A Smaller City With Character Coming Into Its Own - 8/7/2018
When my husband's job required us to move here five years ago from California, I was distraught. But once we arrived, I was impressed by the friendliness of the people, the vibrant art, writing and music community, the excellent public radio station, and the restaurants which are getting better and better as the population diversifies. Water sports enthusiasts can boat, kayak and paddle board on the TN River, and hang glide off Lookout Mountain. You can find excellent hiking trails locally or within a half hour drive. Chatt has its own symphony and ballet, plus live theater. To have all of this is all but unheard of in smaller towns.

We're picky, having lived in the Bay Area most of our lives, so these features are important, to say the least. We were thrilled by the extremely low cost of housing. CA averages are now around $700K. Here comparable dwellings will cost you around $220-300K. When your mortgage, insurance & property taxes are well under $1000, life becomes Read More

Chattanooga is great if you're white. - 3/18/2018
Tennessee has ranked #1 in crime for many years, according to FBI statistics, and Chattanooga is 87% high in crime than the rest of Tennessee. There is a terrible gang problem in this city but you won't hear much about it in the media. Why the gang problems? Chattanooga has always ignored the people of color who call it home. We have shown over and over that this community is irrelevant. Keep that in mind if you're considering living here. It is currently heavily engaged in pushing minorities out of historically "black" neighborhoods and gentrifying those old neighborhoods. Chattanooga is a big lie. Sure, it looks pretty on the outside, but look a little deeper. It's really sick Read More

Friendly and fun city - 11/25/2017
Overall a very friendly and fun city that is generally safe. Lots of options for housing, lots of jobs, and outdoor activities are great. Yes, it is in the Bible belt, if that offends you though people won't judge you for not going to Read More

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2212 Launcelot Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2304 Guinevere Pkwy
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6313 Fisk Ave
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1630 Mary Dupre Dr
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803 Moss St
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W Shepherd Rd
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205 N Orchard Knob Ave
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