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house hunting in Farragut is the worst housing mar - 11/6/2013
We recently were transferred to East Tennessee and chose the Knoxville are, Farragut to be exact, to call home. Not happy about once again leaving my full life to start another, but always have found house hunting to be a joy. Well not here. The housing market is completely over priced, old, worn out, houses, that have never been updated, and the construction practices here are criminal. Homes are filled with radon, the air is polluted, the water has radio active wastes in it, and one has to live along side of Oakridge National Lab. Now you would think that with all of the negative here, one would be able to get a bargain in real estate, not so. I have never been so underwhelmed with housing until here. We did "settle" for a POS because we were running out of time, and dealing with the home owner who acted as though she was doing us a favor by ripping us off, has really sunk the experience to new lows. I have no intention of going to the walk through, and if I can be absent Read More

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We are thinking of moving to Farragut from the Mid - 6/22/2011
What are your thoughts on living in Read More

Dear John- Wish you could have Actually visited Fa - 9/28/2010
HA! John from LA, I have been to LA and the only thing that state has going for it, is having Nick Saban as LSU's coach for a short time and New Orleans. Even New Orleans apart from having a fun weekend there, still has high crime and horrible public schools. At least in Farragut, Public Schools are ranked by US News and World Report, crime is few and far between and High School sports rival most small colleges. I traveled to three countries while in public school there and was exposed to worldly cultures through the diverse student population and Advanced Placement programs that were just of the norm. Farragut is centrally located and just hours away from the beach and the mountains. True, you could live,work and play within the township limits and never leave because you are minutes from the lake and any type of modern or social attraction you could want. Between the amazing restaurants, lavish homes and seasonal festivals enjoyed by locals, you must have only driven through on a Read More

Too bad part of Knoxville area - 8/25/2007
Nice typical suburb you would find around most major or medium sized cities. The usual for a good suburb, good schools and good neighbors. Unfortunately, not only is it located in East Tennessee, but in the Knoxville area. Needless to say, an air polluted, culture limited, boring place. If you absolutely have to live in the Knoxville area, live in this bubble. You might forget where you are after you turn the lights Read More

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37934 37932

426 Saddle Ridge Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 6

305 Sugarwood Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 4

11348 Woodcliff Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 3

748 Brixworth Blvd
Bed 7 | Bath 6

12899 Key Hole Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 4

620 Hickory Woods Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

11101 Flotilla Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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