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We love Allen - 12/13/2017
Originally from Dallas, we moved to Allen 2013. We love the schools, my kids are getting a great education. My daughter was tested in the gifted program as soon as we moved here and my other daughter that was actually struggling in school is an A-B student now and on the student council and both are doing great in school. Crime is very low and that is due to our superior police dept. They keep our streets safe and they don't allow riff raff to wonder in. There are a ton of activities and rec centers to keep the kids active. Our city celebrates almost every holiday. We love it and I'm sure my 3 year old son will be playing for the Allen Eagles one day. Read More

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Tim Lawrence - 11/26/2017
Allen is quite possibly the best city I've ever had the privilege of visiting. Everyone you meet is courteous, helpful, and respectable. The town fully supports one another on endeavors for community development, I.s.d. facility upgrades, and improvements to their quality of life! Plenty of jobs, plenty of events and shopping, their high school sports are championship competitive, and they proudly support a 834 member high school marching band! All 4 of my visits here were memorable and I hope to call it home one day soon!

Tim Read More

Climate advice - 4/29/2016
We are planning a move to Allen, Texas and would like to know how many months out of the year are warm enough to swim? Getting ready to make an offer on a home and trying to decide if we should buy a home with or without a pool. Don't want to sacrifice a yard for the pool if you can't use it that often, unlike here in Arizona. Read More

California to Texas - 2/9/2011
I am very seriously thinking of moving from Los Angeles to Allen, TX. Is there anyone out there who has made this Read More

Please help - 8/9/2010
We are considering moving to Collin County areas such as: 1st choice: McKinney, 2nd choice: Allen and 3rd choice : Frisco.

Please help me to know more about these cities.

Thank Read More

Great for Families - 4/23/2010
Allen is a great place to raise a family. Schools are rated one of the highest in the country, wonderful parks throughout the city, sports fields and a new Allen Event Center. Great shoppng, all the conveniences and services you need are in Allen but also in many of the surrounding Read More

I have lived in Allen for 27 has changed alot but in a good way. New schools built each year,friendly people,and many places to shop. The schools are awsome I know from exp. You can walk or run allen and not have to worry about any crime. Drug issues are not a problem..crime is low..Allen was voted safest city to live in. Im not sure what "KEY" is talking about in my 27 years I have never exp anything they describe in Allen, there is no getto in Allen, its not trashy at all very up scale. There is a part of old Allen that is well "old" but not bad..I wouldnt imagin moving any where else...I have never had my car broken into, never exp police being in bushes...Police are very nice here!! Lots of parks/water parks,Churches,skate park,sports,fire stations,starbucks,child care,fitness,stores and now a movie theater. There is always something to do. They have built a few apartment comp. but they are all very clean and not getto. So all in all ALLEN IS AWSOME!! I have two boys Read More

Allen ISD - 3/4/2010
My children have attended schools in 3 different states including TX and I feel compelled to warn prospective Allen ISD parents about this school district's attitude toward parents. I have been involved in PTA in all three states from elementary to high school in addition to volunteering within the schools and I have never experienced the hostility toward parents that I have experienced in Allen.

My kids have been identified as gifted, and consistently listed on honor roll and recipients of several accolades in all three states. They are not discipline problems, however when the teachers at a local elementary school as a group complained about my son's behavior, they never communicated their concerns with me. And when the principal met with my son, she threatened my son that she would have to discuss it with his parents if his behavior did not improve. My son was the one who told me of the incident, not the teachers, not the principal. Upon my investigating the Read More

Allen is a fantastic place to call home.. - 8/5/2009
We moved to Allen Texas from Plano Texas in 2000. Our kids have gone through elementary, middle and are now entering the high school.( home of 5A State Champas!) This is a progressive city expolding at the seems. When we first moved here our biggest complaint wa that compared to West Plano the city lacked good resturants and shopping. With the new developements off bethany and Stacy we could not ask for more. Even with all the growth the City of Allen has still maintained a small town feel. Even our 17 year daughter who still has friends in Plano says that she loves Allen. The annual fire works celebration the last weekend in June is the BEST show out of the surrounding cities.... You could not pay me ot Read More

Not Too Bad! - 4/17/2009
In comparison to other places I've lived, Allen has a very good cost of living. Seems like we usually get a break on gas prices (as they are usually under the national averages). Combine this with a very family-oriented environment, it's tough to beat Allen, Read More

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75002 75013

2038 Londonderry Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3.0 |

905 Kennedy Dr # BLKITT
Bed 2 | Bath 4.0 |

1432 Mckenzie Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

1027 Kennedy Dr # 8ND0GP
Bed 3 | Bath 3.0 |

511 Alden Way # 4G11R8
Bed 3 | Bath 3.0 |

414 Ave. # NFVQ01
Bed 3 | Bath 2.5 |

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