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keeping touch with home - 2/5/2008
I've been living in Bryan since the day i was born and i finally moved from there in 05 but that but that's not keepin me staying in touch with things there now im living in Georgia with some other family members from bryan that's been living in Georgia some yrs but we still looking in and out on the city of BryanCollegestation because that's our home and we enjoy it and im in Georgia trying get things right with my surroundings in life than im going to move home work on my vision i had for the city i see growing into a big city not as big but big enough but anyway we will be visting home of Bryan in March and we enjoy the good weather and spend with the town and our family and we love BryanCollgeStation and we look forward of seeing new things and places that has into the Read More

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Bryan-A Fantastic Place to Live! - 10/5/2007
Bryan is a fantastic place to live with access to cultural events, and lot's of wide open spaces! Bryan and College Station, both, are growing fast and gaining much more retail space than ever before. We have new restaurants, new clothing stores and new entertainment venues opening often. With the city being equidistant from Houston and Austin there is always something to do! Families will enjoy our neighborhood pools, with Adamson Lagoon and Bryan Aquatics Center being our family favorites. Both offer water slides and concessions, two essentials for those hot summer days!

The cost of living is low here. The only downside to that is the sticker shock we get when visiting other areas! People are extremely friendly and there's always something Read More

Good Life...Texas Style!! - 5/20/2007
I've lived in Bryan for the last 12 years. I must say the area (Bryan-College Station) has grown fast. I love the "twin cities" and wouldn't move from here unless I got a better job offer. There's a lot to do if you know who to talk with. Bryan has a diverse population and the city shows it. We have a wonderful downtown area, great schools, churches, and more stores and restaraunts are slowly coming in, not as fast as College Station, but they're coming. I made a home purchase for $110,500, my subdivision is quiet and everyone keeps their yards up well.

Crime in this town is not as bad as posted, most of the things as far as that area is concerned are petty things or habitual offenders that keep getting chances until they are finally dealt with.

The code enforcement is picking up the pace making sure the area stay's clean or get's that way, depending where you live.

The only thing both cities need to address now is traffic. Since the towns are Read More

A few words about Bryan, Texas - 4/19/2006
I just moved to Bryan, Texas in June of 2005 to be near my sister and her family. It's a town of about 65,000, and it has the feel of a small town with many of the amenities of a larger city. College Station, the home of Texas A&M University, is right next door, so there are many cultural events offered through the university, some of them free. For example, just a couple of weeks ago, the Shanghai Quartet from China gave a concert; it was free to the public. And last month, the US Air Force band also gave a free concert. It was world-class entertainment.

I really like it here. People are friendly and helpful. Traffic isn't too bad. The town has a comprehensive growth plan that they revisit every five years that the public can contribute their input to. Housing is affordable. I just bought a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1750 sq. ft. house for $112,500. If I had stayed in Tucson, which is where I moved from, I would have had to spend more than $300,000 for that much house. No Read More

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