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The worst commute EVER! - 2/5/2015
Living in Conroe and driving to Houston for work is a death-defying feat. My steering wheel in my Honda still has grip marks from the sheer stress of the traffic nightmare on I-45, etc.
Here's a little advice to all the new-comers: (things I wish I'd known) get your E-Z tag ASAP, take the toll roads & get some heavy duty, sturdy tires! WILL be doing some serious, racecar driving here. After 3 months of this commute, 5 days/ week, I felt like I could drive anywhere...Now, Atlanta traffic is just a cakewalk
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Happy - 5/12/2014
We have a very high quality of life here. We have lots of trees and privacy yet all the conveniences of The Woodlands only 5 minutes Read More

TEXAS! - 7/17/2009
Love it! Stay a Read More

Best of both worlds - 4/2/2008

With a population of about 45,000 people, Conroe has the amenities that you would want (shopping, medical services, education and entertainment) in a small town atmosphere. There is a wonderful fairgrounds with a county rodeo once a year, and so many nice aspects of the city, including a state of the art city pool with a covered lap swimming area. You are in driving distance of Houston for the really major performances, and close to The Woodlands for an upscale shopping/dining experience. I can't say enough nice things about this Read More

you know what im tired of hearing that a growing h - 6/12/2007
just because theres hispanics doesnt mean anything and if you dont like dont blame it on other people and just move Read More

Underwriter - 6/4/2007
Warm most of the year until January. January and February can have some freezing Read More

A nice place to live - 5/28/2007
We've lived in the Conroe area for 7 years. It is a growing community sandwiched between Huntsville to the North and Houston to the South. Conroe is a growing community with historic roots. Farming, ranching, and logging seem to have been the dominant industries in the past. Small, local businesses have always been here. The population is growing as people move away from the hectic life in Houston. We live in the country a few miles from Conroe and love it. Out kids attended Conroe public schools and are now attending a top tier university; one is studying Agri-business, the other is studying Chemical Engineering.

Living in the Conroe area is very easy. Everything you neeed is here. It feels less humid than Houston and certainly is cooler than Houston, especially if you are in the country away from local micro-climates (lots of pavement and Read More

Born and raised there - 1/14/2006
Growing hispanic population, strip mining of pine forest area beginning to look like concrete jungle and part of houston. Losing beauty, crime on increase, and I want to move away though it breaks my heart but local govt is more concerned about bringing in small time jobs and getting box stores than developing true entrepreneurship and increasing good paying jobs. Wages for women very low compared to other towns and expected totrave to Houston nearby 40 miles if you are a single momand want to be independent of Read More

City Data - 7/31/2005
Conroe is used because The Woodlands (a newer planned community) is not in your data base. recommend that it be added. Thank Read More

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