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GPD works for the bloods - 1/20/2019
I've lived in Galveston for several years. The police are corrupt and paid off by the local blood gang. It takes outside agencies such as Texas Marshals, DEA, and FBI to bust the corrupt Galveston police officers and blood gang members. This extensive history can be found by anyone by searching Google. The GPD on it's own has no problem busting all black crip gang members by the dozens. Galveaton police truly are corrupt and working for the blood gang on the island. Read More

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Location - 10/6/2016
Your intro page for Galveston, Texas shows the location as:
Location: Southeast Texas, 50 miles inland from the Gulf Coast
I'd like to let you know that Galveston (not the county) is an Island. So if you can't get the location right how can you get the statistics Read More

Visiting and Appreciating Galveston - 3/15/2013
Galveston is one of the friendliest, relaxing invigorating places my family and I have visited. My children love this island, and we are considering moving here. Galveston cries with hospitality, good neighbors, wonderful enviroment filled with so many thing to enjoy and do! What a wonderful Read More

The Galveston of the 1950's and 1960's - 12/27/2011
I was born on the island in 1948 and graduated from Ball High in 1966. Growing up on the island was a lot of fun and the island was clean and safe. I have seen the island deteriorate from the inside out now for 45 years. Unless you can afford to live out past 61st street with the "westward ho" migration, the rest of the island has been left to fend for itself. I still have a brother who lives on the island and is surrounded by drug addicts,drunks, and welfare recipients. He unfortunately was disabled while working for the city and does not have the financial means to leave the island. My dear friend from grade school was just fired as chief of police for trying to clean things up . Galveston has turned into a cess pool of city corruption. There are few industries left especially after Hurricane Ike hit there 3 years ago. I would never go back to Galveston except to visit friends,class reunions, or visit family. The moral,industrious,respectable island I knew has vanished. Read More

Galveston Since Ike - 9/13/2011
Hurricane Ike struck Galveston on Sept. 13, 2008, not a particularly windy hurricane, but it was so huge and pushed so much water into the bay system, after the eye passed over all the water was pushed back onto the island from the north side. The south side of the island is protected from the Gulf of Mexico by a 17 foot tall seawall.

Ike flooded low-lying areas of the island with water 13 feet above sea level. Portions of the island with a base flood elevation of 11 were inundated. The end result was lots of flood damage to possible 75% of the structures on the island.

Many people left. Some will never come back. Galveston will never be what it was before Ike. Some people see that as an opportunity to fix some of what was wrong with the island. Infrastructure will be hardened, the island less likely to lose it's water supply, etc. The Medical School will be massively renovated and partially replaced, to the tune of over a billion dollars in Read More

Galveston - 10/14/2009
Very Hot in summer. Best school Odyssey Academy through 8th grade. Cost of living moderate. Economy still rough since Ike blew us away. Will be a few years until she comes back to life. Time to buy houses here, some good deals if you have the money to sit for a couple years. Beach water still brown most the time once in a while greenish to greenblue every blue moon. the city is still working on Jetties and beaches, they have brought alot of sand in. Some pretty cool people B.O.I.= Born on island. Less bad people. Less bumbs except on beach. Police ok quite some crooked, Trying to make money for the city. I got pulled over and ended up with $2500 in tickets for razor knives and pocket knives that they called parefinailya (sorry for the spelling) I negociated down to $360. Read More

Quality of Life - 7/15/2009
Galveston is wonderful, it's our favorite get-away. This past January we purchased property on the west end, and will eventually build a retirement home. The beaches look wonderful...give this little piece of paradise another five years, and it WILL be better than it was before. We love the diversity, and how friendly everyone is. On top of everything available ON the island, Houston, the tenth largest city in the U.S. is only an hour Read More

great place to visit - 6/12/2007
It's got many attractions such as the beach,the strand,moody gardens,schlitterbahn waterpark,and some'll have tons of things to keep you entertained.Granted the beaches are mostly brown but its not like your going to die from it and if you want crystal water go to florida or the Read More

Do not move to Galveston - 1/30/2007
I was born and raised on Galveston Island. The gangs are terrible, and the crime rate is pretty nasty. During the summers, it's hell getting on or off the island because of all of the tourists. There's the fraternity party in April which is actually a riot that takes over the entire island. None of the islanders go out that day, and some businesses actually shut down. Mardi Gras is worse, and you have people stripping in the streets or puking in your front yard. My parents moved us out when I was 12, and I wouldn't raise my kids there for anything, either.

After you've seen the beach, the Strand, the Moody Gardens, and the Super Walmart, there's nothing else to do. Summers are brutal and muggy. The Gulf of Mexico isn't very pretty. A lot of the time, the water is brown. And if you like hurricanes, then this area is right up your Read More

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2019 Avenue M Rear
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2011 33rd St
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502 University Blvd
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1802 Sealy St
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20 Cedar Lawn Cir
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19707 Shores Dr Unit 7
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