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Economy / Jobs - 7/10/2016
The only occupation that is growing, in my opinion, is the transportation / trucking industry. I worked in that field for 18 yrs. and take it from me, unless you are the owner of the company or are a broker, you don't make the money that they lead you to believe. I fell for the propaganda it it lead me nowhere.

Now, if you are not a licensed professional such as: a teacher, police officer, doctor, lawyer, engineer, politician or an owner of your own restaurant chain franchise, you are up S*** Creak without a paddle. You won't be able to afford the "NICE APARTMENT" or the " FANCY HOUSE "in the nicer neighberhoods where you can walk at night without the fear of being mugged!! Because if you are lucky enough to be working for $7.25 an hour, for 40 hrs. per week; you'll be making JUST BARELY ENOUGH to get by. And that my friends is not enough to rent a $475 dollar apartment in the downtown area and still buy your: food, gas, car payment, cloths, cable, internet, 1 movie once Read More

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HOT-----HOTTER------and as FLUFFY would say------- - 7/10/2016
If you like DRY, ARID HEAT, Laredo is for you. Now I'm not talking beach heat with a warm tropical breeze blowing over the palm trees and toseling your hair as you play vollyball. NO..NO..NO, I'm talking tempetures like 104 to 108*F with a heat index of 110 to 115 degrees *F. Now in celceus that's 40 to 43*C with a heat index of 44 to 46*C.

From the second week in June till the second week of October you can expect tempetures of 95*F up to 110*F with July and August being the HOTTEST months. Now remember the heat index is usually 5 to 10 degrees HOTTER than the actual tempeture.

Now you may be asking, so why am I here? Well, due to an injury I sustained at work ,I was forced to take a medical retirement and being on a fixed income, it's difficult to save money to move to another place.

I'm currently looking and investigating Oshkosh, Wi.. The cost of living is cheaper, apartments are cheaper and the tempeture is a H*** of a lot COOLER!!!!Read More

Lacks diversity - 12/21/2012
Laredo could be a better city if only it embraced a diverse population. It could grow into a beautiful and attrative if it did that and built the infrastructures that would attract just that. Two questions though: Are people ready to embrace it? What is the city doing to attract others to relocate and stay here?Read More

Lacks diversity - 12/21/2012
Laredo could be a better city if only it had more cultural/ethnic Read More

Shopping - 7/18/2012
It is a good place to shop. Plenty of Read More

no family parks or recreations - 7/26/2011
Other than the local Casa Blanca State park, there are little to no parks to take a family for fun. The local council people believe that a simple cookout,a yearly event or seasonal sports is enough for the peopleof this city to enjoy throughout the year. This city has no idea how much income and tourist it would attract if it build a local Water park center. The temperature here is always in the warm range that it could stay open almost year round. Yes, its sad that some people still don't see this as a great investment for the community and future of Laredo youth. Read More

moved to Laredo, stayed in Laredo - 1/8/2011
I moved to Laredo because of the growing education opportunities the city offered. At the time, I did not know it was the 2nd fastest growing city in the US & the fastest growing in Laredo.

I've been here 14 years and can honestly say that even though my intention was to be here only 3-5 years, I enjoyed the really unique culture and different opportunities for service. Is it for everyone? No. I enjoy it so much that I even started a blog about Laredo's quirky ways. Check out

Laredo is filled with history and historic sites. It has a very welcoming Newcomers Club that has many activities planned for their members. I can honestly say that I feel so much safer in Laredo than I ever did back in the Chicago area. I know Laredo gets a bad rap from Nuevo Laredo but the reality is that in the downtown area (where i live), it is peaceful. The river is close and now that kayaking along the Rio Grande has become popular, we see more Read More

I don't live there - 10/3/2009
I live in Mexico, in the town of Chapala, near Guadalajara, but since there wasn't any space for Mexico, I put my mailing address, which is in Laredo TX. I've been to Laredo twice, very briefly, but don't live Read More

Laredo is a sad place for artists - 3/21/2008
This is a city that only values business and economic pursuits. It places little to no value on arts. This is reflected everywhere, especially the school system where art programs are crippled at Read More

Run Away - 2/27/2008
Housing is very high in Laredo compared to other spots in Texas IF you want a decent place to live. There are cheap houses but not in very good neighborhoods. City's infrastructure is not designed well so traffic really piles up and it takes about an hour to cross town at busy times. That doesn't matter becasue there's nothing worth crossing town for; not much to do Read More

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616 Waxwing Cedar Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

11807 Mohawk Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

2715 Clark Blvd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

605 Gage Loop
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Bed 3 | Bath 2

2906 Chaucer Dr
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8501 Mahogany Dr
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