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Pretty much a living hell - 6/14/2019
I was born and raised here.

I don't recommend it. I love religious people but the religious culture here is so suffocating. I felt like I couldn't breath or be myself till I moved away. There's a lot of Protestants. The people who aren't protestant learn to keep to themselves very quickly. Folks are very openly hateful to anyone who doesn't fit the southern Baptist narrative. My friend was bullied for being Catholic by both the children and the teachers.

A lot of teen pregnancy, teen shot gun weddings to "hide" said pregnancies. It's all very disturbing. Bullying is a regular thing. Metal detectors in the school's. Sexual harassment is normal and expected for teen girls. I got used to having my boobs and butt grabbed without my consent in the open school hallways at 12. It was also at 12 that I learned if I tried to do anything about it the teachers would roll their eyes at me and chastise me for "crying" about it.

This is not a good place for Read More

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Very unhappy with Longview - 2/5/2011
The schools are substandard. Bullying is part of the culture, not only in the schools, but in the work places. The good jobs are 'hidden' - you have to know someone to get in. The churches are a religious racket and a social club. I really miss being part of a good church, but I have given up. The politics is 'old boy' and people will not accept good changes. The University and hospitals and medical care are many years behind the times. I have been unemployed and underemployed since moving to the E Texas area 25 years ago. My kids have left for these same reasons and will never return. I am too old to leave and start over elsewhere. Moving here from DFW was the worst decision I have ever made. And, every time I find a friend I can relate to, they move because of the culture, employment, and schools and politics.  Read More

Longview, Texas - 3/2/2010
Longview, Texas is a growing Northeast Texas town of about 80,000. Lots of families raise their children Read More

As good as it gets for East Texas - 7/27/2009
I've lived several places all over the country, and a few places in East Texas. For the region, Longview is about as good as it gets. The cost of living, traffic, and overall friendliness of the town are far better than that of Tyler, Marshall, or Texarkana. My only real complaint is the lack of higher-end shopping and restaurants, but Dallas is just a hundred miles away. The city is very thoughtfully laid out, without a lot of stops on major roads, and plenty of centrally-located residential areas. It's not a good town for anybody who wants an urban lifestyle, or 20-something singles who want to party. But if y ou're raising a family, or are an empty-nester, Longview is a great place to Read More

Longview...The Best of East Texas - 6/15/2009
I have lived in Longview for a little over 4 years and love it! Longview has a little bit everything; the arts (Operah, Symphany, Museums, Entertainment Series), plus lakes, golf courses, and festivals. The downtown is starting to come alive with restaurants and night life with regular concerts at the Longview Museum of Art.

For families raising kids there are 3 public school districts, youth sports, Children's Theatre, and parks galore.

The natural beauty of the area is amazing with the rolling hills and tall trees. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!Read More

I have lived in Longview or just outside of Longvi - 3/23/2009
I am 25 years old and I have lived in this area since I was 6 and I love Longview. It doesn't have all the things you can get in a big city but we are't a big city. There are theater, a few bars and one club, down town is getting a makeover, we now have buses, there is lake of the pines 30 minutes away, lots of little shops, plenty of major retail stores and more to come, lots of places to eat like papacitas which has the best mexican food and we are 60 minutes from shreveport where there are casinos and lots of other stuff to do and only 2 hours from dallas. The weather can get a lil warm in the summer but that doesn't last long and the winter can get a lil cold but again it doesn't last long but the spring and the fall are awesome. So why not Read More

Accurate view of Longview, A good place to live!! - 12/29/2006
A spacious, spread out city with sidewalks downtown. The residential areas have spacious yards and it is true, almost no sidewalks. It is a city where everyone drives a car and walks in malls or the health clubs. Longview is proud to be the home of LeTourneau University. A top scientific school with Christian values. Spring and fall are wonderful with lush trees, lawns, and flowers. Winters are mild with snow maybe 2 to 7 days a year. Summers are hot in mid day, but outside work and athletics continue enthusiasticly. The local community theater group has regular performances. A ten minute drive to Kilgore College theater and concert activities offers wide variety of entertainment. Local clubs have occasional balls or dances. Local nitespots include disco, latin and the prevailent county bands. I have lived in the area for 30 years and have the resources to live anywhere I want. I have tried other cities, large and small, but always return to this area. And P.S. I have never heard Read More

Move here if you hate yourself - 5/16/2006
Ah, where to begin. I have lived in Longview for 10 years now and have been trying to get out for 10 years. There are no sidewalks in town. There are hardly any road shoulders. If you have to ride a bike or walk somewhere, you have to walk/ride on the streets, which is dangerous, especially with the drivers around here. There are bus stops, however, there are no benches or covers, just a signpost. You have to stand in the grass in the elements. Parking lots are war zones of potholes. Also, if you drive anything other than a big truck or SUV, be prepared to scrape the bottom of your car every time you leave a parking lot. (City planners thought it wise to turn the merger between the streets and parking lots into a ditch for water drainage.) In the summer, there are many days where the weatherman advises citizens to “do not go outside unless necessary” because it is sooo hot. Also, within the first three months of 2006, there were 7 murders in Longview. There is no Read More

Move here if you hate yourself - 5/12/2006
I have lived in Longview for close to 10 years now. It is a miserable town. There are no SIDEWALKS or benches (or covers for that matter) at the bus stops. The parking lots are war zones of potholes, and if you drive anything less than an SUV or large truck, be prepared to scrape the bottom of your car every time you leave a parking lot. (City planners thought it was a great idea to have a "drainage ditch" where the parking lots meet the streets.) Also, there are no universities near by. One crappy community college, but it's in Kilgore and you have to pay out of district tuition. There is no nightlife as well, unless you enjoy dive bars and line dancing. One cable service provider, they have a monopoly and take advantage of it. Real estate is cheap, but there is a Read More

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