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Lemm - 2/9/2016
If you can please put your child in another school. We have attended school here for 6 years and the administration takes a your child is the problem stance on just about everything. As stated by others Mrs Brown leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. She treats parents like they are bad children. During a couple meetings with her I had to remind her she was dealing with a parent. Not a 1st grader. If there is bullying - they really don't want to hear about it. If you do bring it up to their attention then your child could of done a better job telling them..it can get a bit much listening to their excuses. There are some good teachers and there are some bad apples. Just be prepared. Also I know my neighbor had a problem with a racist teacher and Mrs. Brown just thought the teacher was not racist, just clueless. It was a tense situation with them. We know several others in the neighborhood who have had multiple Read More

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Housing and Taxes - 8/26/2015
The housing market in Spring, TX is large, but not all areas are desirable to live in, especially if you have school age children. Spring ISD is not the best, but just across I-45 is Klein ISD which has great schools.

Housing in the Spring ISD is much more affordable than in Klein ISD. You can sometimes find affordable housing in the Klein ISD area of Spring, TX, but it goes fast, and often the neighborhood is older, not kept up as well, or the house itself has not been kept up. Overall, you get a lot of house for the money you spend.

Property tax is what gets you. Property taxes are high and come from everywhere. You have Harris county property tax, MUD (water and trash) property tax, and school district property tax.

Homeowner's insurance is high due to the threat of hail, tornado, flood, and hurricanes.

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Be Sure to Have Klein ISD Money - 11/16/2014
Spring Resident over 4 years. This city is very well kept. Luscious Greenery and Beautiful Landscaping all around. Family and School Sports Oriented. Very Comforting. Easy access to almost anywhere you need to go. Apartment Living is expensive, but the amenities the communities offers are fabulous. Home Rentals range from $1050-1300.00+ per month. Best to purchase a home in Spring with lots of New Subdivisions being built $120-170K+ to choose from. Must have reliable transportation Spring does not have a Bus Route. Best Childcare options too, remote parent monitoring, teaches Texas 2nd Language (Spanish) but Pricey!!! Most Childcare facilities to not offer weekly payments, Monthly Auto Pay Deductions only. With a $42k Salary, I push my budget limit a bit, but it's worth it. I Can't put a cost on the feeling I get when leaving the hustle and bustle of Houston, and drive into tranquility when I return home from work. So for now Spring is Read More

moving to Texas fron NJ - 1/18/2013
I am 36 and a mom of two. I have lived almost my entire life in NJ and now my husband's job might be relocating to Houston by July. I have been doing some homework on different areas but really need help from those of you who have lived or live in Texas. We have looked into some homes in the Woodlands but seemed to expansive for us, Cypress and Springs. We would like to be close enough to downtown Houston where maybe my husband will only have to be on a bus an hour to work. We also need a good school district since our children are 6 and 3. My son has special needs and so also very important that I find a program for him that would give him his speech therapy. Please help a mom out! Read More

Best Little town in Texas - 7/22/2012
Looking for a small town, appx 50,000 with an easy low cost of living, great winter time weather and close to excitement (30mins to downtown Houston )? Spring, TX is the best little town in Read More

affordable homes - 10/20/2011
Nice neighborhoods,affordable and good schools. Read More

ok for Texas - 3/31/2011
spring gets the best of most worlds in Houston, proximity to city, medical, cultural. cost of housing is good, neighborhoods are established, traffic is fair. there is the issue of increasing crime, it is not in Spring yet, but it is all around the immediate area and the urban push is moving and pressuring it into spring, that is an issue for the near future. Overall I live here because my job stays here, it is the only reason I am still in Texas. I am well bribed for now to stay. and of the houston Metro area where i have lived on all sides, Spring gets my vote.Read More

I loved living in Spring, TX - 2/16/2011
My husband and I relocated from Dallas to Spring in 2005. We bought a home here on the border of Spring and The Woodlands and have enjoyed it so much. Spring feels like you are in the country with the small town feel but you are a 25 minute ride from downtown Houston to the south and the gorgeous suburb of The Woodlands to the north. Tons of things to do here with shopping, restaurants and excellent schools in the Klein ISD school district.Spring is close to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (15 minutes)and has great hospitals and doctors. If you want to live near Houston but not in Houston..Spring is an awesome choice. It is a great place for families with so many choices of things to do. It is just about an hour and half from the beach in Galveston. The only drawback is the summers and the humidity..lots of humidity! Read More

Cost of Living - 12/2/2009
Although the cost of homes in the Spring(Houston) area is very low compared to many other large cities in the US, the Property Taxes here are very high. My taxes are 3% of my Property Value, but we don't have an Income Tax Read More

educatiom - 10/20/2008
Spring has some of the best schools in Read More

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519 Holly Crest Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

4815 Maurita Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

27 Johnathan Landing Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 5

6402 Darby Way
Bed 4 | Bath 3

20015 Leithcrest Way
Bed N/A | Bath N/A

21726 Nickerton Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

20706 Moss Agate Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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