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Decent place for drunks and people from California - 11/1/2017
I've lived in The Colony since 2001. It's never been a fancy place but it was decent enough. We were famous for being the only wet city around and having plenty of bars. When I was growing up as a teen in the early 2000s, most teenagers would drink or smoke weed to pass the time. Fast forward to 2017. People are moving to this area by the thousands and driving up the home prices! I don't mean by a few thousand but by 70k +. A house that would have cost you 120k is now selling for 260k. The higher end homes are going for half a million dollars. One of the biggest problems are individuals who are moving here from other states and have no problem paying 300k for a house because the cost of living in their old state was above the national average. Therefore, when they sold their house they have plenty of money to buy here. Now, the people who have grown up here are no longer able to stay and buy their first homes. The income for families that have lived here for decades are not going up Read More

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Quality of Life in The Colony, TX - 2/23/2012
The Colony is a true gem! A wonderful location to raise your children, excellent schools, low crime, and affordable housing! A true community feel with tons of kid friendly, family oriented activities year round!  Read More

a great place to live - 2/23/2011
I was surprised to read 3 negative views on The COlony. We love it here. It has a small town feel and is very friendly. We live in a perfectly lovely neighborhood. The people here are friendly and outgoing - to the lady that complained about the way teens dress - look around at the rest of the world. My kids don't dress that way - but a lot do - good luck getting away from it. We have free movie nights in the park every month through the spring, summer and fall, sports for the kids, golfing for the adults, boating for the enthusiasts. Couldn't ask for a better place to Read More

too much and pushy too - 2/3/2009
may be state wide, but those who do not wear their religion on their sleeves or who have none find it hard to not be left out of the social network Read More

My City - 9/5/2008
The Colony is an okay place to live all of the convieniences you want and entertainment are near by. The Colony is a "suburb" north of Dallas. This is Texas so it's hot in the Summer and there isn't much Spring or Fall, Winter is short but it can be us Texans anyway. The Colony sits on Lake Lewisville so there is lots of water activities during warm weather. The Colony itself is has low crime and several family activities each year the schools are good. Down sides, you have to leave for dining, shopping and entertainment...outside of the Lake and a nice water park. The houses also are built on very small lots, very close together and most people park their cars on the street so only one car in each direction can get by at a Read More

We are growing - 9/1/2008
The Colony is great town for starter families. Housing is inexpensive, neighborhoods are small and friendly and gas prices are usually the cheapest around! The Colony is on the southeast corner of Lewisville Lake which means weekends are busy with people pulling boats through town. With the highway being constructed, more and more businesses are popping in town and around. The Colony is getting better by the Read More

Too dang hot! - 6/9/2008
If it weren't for the heat, or more precisely the humidity, this would be the perfect place to live. But if you don't like it hot, don't move Read More

The Colony - 4/19/2007
The Colony is a crummy town, anyway you look at it.

We live next to a greenbelt/utilities corridor and people take their trucks and 4-wheelers out there after it rains to do "donuts" for fun...I'm not talking about teens, GROWN ADULTS!

The town has little money because they have invested poorly, which is made more obvious by the rent-to-own store that went in recently and all the businesses that have shut down.

The streets are falling apart and there are few plans to fix them.

People here don't take pride in their homes, with their fences falling down, their dogs running around the neighborhoods...

There are a couple of neighborhoods that are better, but you still see alot of weird behavior. That could be because of all the liquor stores here. I don't know.

Few people take responsiblity for their own children. Even the daughters of the Christian homeschoolers here wear t-shirts Read More

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