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Pros and Cons - 4/23/2018
First of all I like a lot about Logan. I am of the prevailing faith but think that, as no doubt elsewhere, there is sometimes a confusion between culture and faith in both outsiders and locally-born and bred. I would study the faith and the culture separately.

The drivers are cautious, usually not deliberately rude but sometimes focused in upon themselves, or maybe their passengers. Accidents are rather rare but some drivers do not signal, so be prepared for some thoughtless driving in that respect. Reactions can be very slow so you may have to wait for a couple of light changes to get onto the main street (Highway 89) from a side road, even with traffic lights. Highway 89 is Main Street to all intents and purposes and is also the main route to points north and south so there often tends to be heavy traffic.

There are some good restaurants and staff are usually polite. People generally are of good will without always observing conventional Read More

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Sperling's Best Places Review is somewhat misleadi - 7/20/2015
I've lived in Logan 5 years, was raised in SLC, Utah, moved to the recreational area of Bear Lake for 10 years and then to Logan in 2010, unknowingly and foolishly thinking I could get a job there, as there were none at Bear Lake after real estate tanked (other than making raspberry shakes). Everyone touts Logan as a growing job market and it is, if you only require 22 hours per week at minimum wage (call center) because that is what you will get no matter what type of college degrees you have because Logan (being the transient town it is) is inundated with college students and unemployed college graduates. Probably 50% of the population is students. If you can get a faculty job at USU you will be okay and those people add whatever diversity there is in Logan because otherwise it is a very closed Mormon community. The good jobs go to friends, family or neighbors of the already employed who live in their ‘Ward’ and they don’t take kindly to even ‘out of state’ Mormons. Mind you they Read More

Safe, Scenic, Healthy, Performing Arts - 7/8/2014
Logan and Cache Valley provide a wonderful place to live. Crime is low. Look out the window and see a Mountain Range Wilderness Area to the East; look out the other window and see another wilderness area to the west. Bicycling, hiking, skiing, bird watching, hunting are all at hand, in their seasons. Good medical services and medical professionals at hand with excellent backup in Salt Lake City. Thanks to the School of Arts at the University, as well as other community programs, there is plenty of live theater and musical performances as well as visual arts production throughout the year. Probably the only down side is when we have a stagnant high pressure winter inversion and the pollution builds up to newsworthy levels for days or sometimes weeks at a time. Some escape to the adjacent mountains where the air is still clear and often Read More

weather - 10/22/2010
weather isn't Read More

Red air Day - 1/24/2010
Winters are horrible because of the inversion. A grey smog sits over the valley for the whole winter time blocking the views of the mountains and causeing you to be inside all the time. You also get more cold and sickness because of the bad air quality. Don't get me started on the public education here. I can't wait to Read More

Lots to like... - 9/16/2009
I moved here to attend Utah State University and ended up staying. I am originally from central NYS. I felt at home in Logan as soon as I arrived because it has a small town feel (even though it was and is much larger than my hometown). I am not a skier but life here would be more satisfying in the winter if I were. There are amazing outdoor recreation opportunities of all kinds here; rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, hunting, fishing, biking, etc.
I have learned to love hiking here. There are a number of trails that vary in length and intensity. Some are disability-friendly. They also have a dog park (new and improving).
Logan is a very conservative community with a growing diverse population. A large number of individuals that move here are from South America. I appreciate the diversity they bring, but not everyone here does which is hard.
There is much to say about Logan. There is constant construction going on. Too many townhouses however! It has been said Read More

a very good place to live - 7/27/2009
There is a river on the edge of town on which lovely homes have been built. As you drive by you swear this has got to be one of the nicest places in America to live. Everything is clean, people are friendly. I assume most are Mormon and ,as I am not, I expected a coolness. I was very mistaken. This is America as it once was. Industrious, law abiding, friendly, helpful. You've got a great town Read More

Logan UT - 2/14/2009
I moved here almost 40 years ago thinking it would be a great place to begin a career and then move on. Haven't left yet and never will. This has to be one of the best kept secrets in the USA. Lowest crime rate, lowest unemployment rate, among the top two or three for living the longest, marvelous outdoor recreation and scenic beauty, a top notch university, and more cultural arts activities than one can possibly participate in. An ideal place in which to live and raise a family and retire Read More

Cost of Living - 11/17/2008
Logan, Utah is a great place to live with respect to the cost of living. Salaries tend to be lower in Logan as compared to other parts of the country, but housing and other expenses also tend to be lower which makes affordable living very Read More

Logan is Safe. - 10/4/2008
Logan is Safe. That's one thing I really like about Read More

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84321 84341

1093 S 950 W
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1474 E MT Logan Dr
Bed 6 | Bath 4

95 W 600 N
Bed 4 | Bath 3

1880 N 1900 E
Bed 5 | Bath 3

609 E 1260 N
Bed 4 | Bath 3

558 W 1380 N
Bed 3 | Bath 3

456 Aspen Meadow Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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