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Expensive, but Nice - 6/13/2018
I lived in an apartment building near the Ballston Metro Station for 2 years before I had kids. Even back when I lived in the area, we were renting a 1 bedroom apartment for over $1600/month, so living so close to everything was expensive! It was nice to be in easy walking distance from restaurants, bars, doctors, coffee shops, entertainment, movies, groceries, and everything else. One thing I really miss about the city is having everything so close. The mall there was always so-so, but they've since closed it down for renovations and is supposed to be much nicer when completed. I lived there before the Silver line was around, but the commute to DC was nice and easy, no car required. If you're looking for a family-friendly area, it's probably way out of your budget Read More

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Can't Wait To LEAVE Arlington, Va. - 1/5/2017
I have been a homeowner in Arlington for the last 6 years and the day I leave this area cannot come soon enough. The only positive to living here is the profit I will make on the sale of my home. If you like crawling 9 miles to downtown D.C. in the morning and it taking 45 minutes, this is the place for you. If you have an elitist attitude, this is the place for you. If you don't speak English, this is the place for you. I live in a nice neighborhood with some nice neighbors, my backyard is a park, I live 1 block from an elementary school which has a national schools rating of 1/10, my property taxes increase 5% every year, I have to pay to park in front of my home even though I have a driveway. All in all, this place sucks and 50% of the population does as well. Can't wait to get out of Read More

Arlington Exploding with Construction - 11/27/2015
Here in cozy Northwest Arlington, about a third of the homes have been bulldozed in the last ten years -- and reincarnated as "McMansions." These teardowns are escalating. Houses once 2,000 sq. ft. are becoming 5,000 sq ft. Their whole-house vacuum systems, heat pumps, grease fans, blinding security and architectural lighting, and sheer height and girth, make them scary neighbors. Schools are bursting, their athletic fields littered with portable classrooms. New schools can't be built fast enough. Massive road projects and other construction ringing and bisecting Arlington, occur 24/7 -- and traffic is only getting worse. There's gridlock in the Lee-Harrison shopping center now, where ten years ago, its large parking lot was more empty than full. The Metro has added the Silver Line. Noise from the trains and mounting traffic are becoming a din.
The Rosslyn-to-Ballston metro corridor is becoming more and more lined with condos towers averaging about 22 stories, creating a Read More

Fun but expensive - 9/2/2014
Great access to everything but housing is crazy Read More

How's Arlington - 2/8/2013
Not really a review, more of a "help" post. I have three kids, one soon to be in jr. high and two in elementary. I would like to hear your opinions on the best jr. high school to attend. I'm also interested in information for the best elementary school, if you can please help me. Moving to the area where the schools are is not an issue. Thanks, really appreciate Read More

Rude locals - 8/24/2012
After living in the city for over 15 years, I have to say that it has not remained the same. Quality of people and respect for common folks has disappeared. The city officials have become rude and greedy.

Read More

Nice Place - 4/19/2011
Great urban Read More

Arlington's a great place to live, if you can affo - 2/8/2011
Like many DC-area neighborhoods and cities, Arlington has much to offer residents of all ages and stages of life. And, like many DC-area neighborhoods and cities, it has the housing prices to Read More

Transportation - 12/5/2010
Public transportation is excellent with the metro (subway)and buses for local travel. Roads are excellent for privately owned vehicles. Highways and main streets are crowded during rush hours morning and night.  Read More

As a musician... - 11/4/2010
It's hard to get gigs here. While this area does have a few good venues (IOTA, Jammin' Java, etc), there are more musicians who want to play than the venues can handle. There doesn't seem to be a guaranteed crowd anywhere, either. Places are hit-or-miss, and so venues focus on a band's ability to bring people, not so much their actual talent. Which makes it hard to move here, because you can't get a gig without a crowd of fans. You can't get crowds of fans without gigs. Catch 22.

The people at open mics are pretty nice and the community of musicians itself is friendly and welcoming. It's not a bad place to play out if you don't care about getting paid or doing anything regularly.

It's a weird scene here, though. So far (I've been here about 4 months), I see a lot of old rich (usually ex-government types) people walking their dogs and driving big SUVs, and I see a lot of blue collar or serving position people from everywhere in the world you can imagine. Read More

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2767 N Quincy St
Bed 2 | Bath 3

5825 5th Rd S
Bed 4 | Bath 2

2791 N Wakefield St
Bed 5 | Bath 5

3546 N Abingdon St
Bed 5 | Bath 3

5105 26th Rd N
Bed 6 | Bath 6

5816 1st St S
Bed 4 | Bath 1

1943 S Arlington Ridge Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 3


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