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Been Here 8 Years and Not - 10/26/2019
We moved here 8 years ago from Ohio and love it. We find the people very friendly, the climate nice, and the mountains beautiful. It isn't for everyone as there isn't a large and fancy mall nearby for those who like to shop. However, you can find everything you need to live and can order anything unusual on-line which we did anyhow while we were in a more metro area in Ohio. The opportunity for outdoor recreational activities abound with the New River Trail for biking, the Highlands and Jefferson National forest for hiking, the Blue Ridge Parkway for scenery, and the New River for fishing and kayaking. When we have a beautiful view while biking we are amazed that we live in such a place. If you like bluegrass or old-time music, this is the place to be. Everyday of the week, we can find place nearby that has a music jam where you can go and play with other like-minded musicians or listen. There is still plenty of unique music here that was born right in the area with bands on Read More

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climate - 6/9/2015
nice place to live Read More

Much to love - 6/10/2010
Bring your own job (and hopefully a few more), make friends, enlarge your cultural horizons and you will find Galax and Grayson County most agreeable. Inexpensive housing, ample work space, local food, lively music, hundreds of miles of trails, more cows than people, music in the streets, dozens of thrift stores and consignment shops, a great book store, ballet, fiddle shop, libraries, museums, superb barbecue, fantastic bicycle shop.

We're working on hospitality. We haven't dealt with immigration (taking on national hysteria is a daunting task). There are whiffs of ketones from the factories in the valley. The New River and its creeks are in relatively good shape. Our mountains are in tact (no coal).

In 25 years, I have witnessed no violence personally (it does happen). I have thousands of friends who know my name and offer a handshake or a hug. Look me up and I'll buy a cup of Read More

What An Experience...if you like moving backward - 10/18/2008
If you want to revert to the past here is the place. I don't mean like Happy Days either more like Deliverance meets Andy Griffith with a heavy dose of the George Lopez Show. To break it down, people here act like they are your friendly neighbor to then only have a MS-13 do a an act of extreme violence(if you don't know about MS-13 check National Geographic's website and thay ARE in Galax). we are near an area called "Little Cuba" because of all the Cubans and organized crime syndicates in the area. The police tend to turn a blind eye towards the problem of crime but facts are facts. At one time this small city had a higher murder rate than Richmond. If you want to move here look at the stats, jobs are falling, populations are declining, and crime is rising!! I strongly suggest looking to a beneficial area for relocation. If you have children in school well ....the education level here is worse than the crime rate. I'm trying as hard as possible and would ask my worst enemy to live Read More

It's beautiful - 9/25/2006
but the people are closed-minded and Read More

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112 Waugh Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1087 Old Baywood Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 1

133 Camp Zion Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

406 W Stuart Dr
Bed 7 | Bath 8

122 Forest Ave
Bed 5 | Bath 3

311 Chestnut Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 1

506 Cliffview Rd
Bed 6 | Bath 5


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