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its fun but kinda scary - 3/5/2019
born and raised here. it's alright. the scenery and shops are nice but it isn't very safe. very fun place to be though. we have a lot of Read More
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Richmond - 6/5/2018
I have lived all over the country and Richmond is definitely one of the nicer places. There are political differences, cultural differences, ethnic differences, etc. but the people are tolerant, respectful and accepting. Read More

Born and raised here, getting the hell out!! - 4/25/2018
A woman just punched from behind a deaf and partially blind grocery store worker in Midlothian because she didn't respond to her asking where an item is. That pretty much sums up the entirety of Richmond. Oh yeah and if you happen to live in a nice area, don't worry. You live 15mins from at least two ghettos. Terrible poverty rate. Non-existent economy. Nothing to do. Climate is miserable. Unless you binge drink and cheat on your significant other, you don't belong in Richmond. Take it from someone who was born and raised here, STAY AWAY. I'm getting the F out and never coming Read More

Wonderful City to live in - 10/6/2017
Richmond is a city with lots of trees and history. It has the amenities of a big city great restaurants, lots of microbreweries and music! If you enjoy hiking and biking go to Belle Isle, Browns Island or the Capital Trail. Carytown has a plethora of local shops and restaurants. I've met lots of people from DC, Boston, NY, and Chicago that moved here and they all love it. If you're new to the city join one of the many "meet-up" groups. I've been fortunate to meet lots of newbies here too. If you want to live not far from the mountains or beaches in an affordable East Coast City, Richmond IS THE PLACE!! Also the job market is pretty good Read More

Worst Place I've ever lived - hands down - 7/31/2017
Wow! I am so happy to see the reviews of other people and how consistent we all are!!! Richmond Virginia is the worst place I've ever lived. I've met more unhappy people here than anywhere I've ever lived. I lived in NY, TX, OK, FL and have never had so much trouble making friends as I have here. Clickish to the point where EVERY SINGLE thing you want to do is by invitation only. Want to run with a group? Got to join it, can't join it? Well clearly you don't know anyone in the group. Want to ride your bicycle? Lot of that here - forget it! You'll be on your own even if you meet a group to start. Want to meet people? The only people that will talk to you are people who moved here from somewhere else. And they will ALL be consistent: I thought the place improved from when I moved here. BUT if you have kids in school, young kids, you will get a nice group of friends over time because school, soccer and sports tend to bring people together whether they want to be or not. If Read More

White Trash Capitol - 4/24/2017
The local people in Richmond are a special breed. Rude, arrogant, antagonistic, entitled, stupid, and just all around low-lifes.
Socio-economic factors don't alter the aforementioned. I've lived in lots of places where people are noted for being obnoxious. SF, NYC/NJ, Miami to name a few. But none hold a candle to this special southern hell mouth. I remember Shelley Winters playing the villainess matriarch of the Gorgon family in 'Pete's Dragon' when I was a kid. They were a vulgar, primitive, repulsive bunch who would skin alive their own families with the glee of opening a Christmas gift. That was for dramatic effect in fiction. The people here are the modern day equivalent in reality. There's an innate mean ugliness in these people. It can be almost funny and sad to witness. I'm in a special position where I don't rely on locals for socializing or business so for me it's probably a much milder experience. But still. Even having to stand in a line or ride an elevator with Read More

Not the friendliest city - 12/28/2016
I have lived just outside of Richmond for 2 years now. Since I work from home I have done everything to meet people including joining several Meet-Up groups. Most of those groups have been established long enough to create “clicks” within the group. I joined a New-to-Richmond group and everyone there had been a member for years and didn’t feel the need to reach out or interact with the new comers they just wanted someone to have happy hour with and they only at a bar which is a hard place to get to know people in my opinion. My neighborhood is beautiful but I’ve been told that the people who live out there want their privacy and I was told this by my neighbors! (I live on a 1 acre lot). I moved to VA from Colorado and was told by my extended TX family that Colorado had rude people, well they haven’t seen anything until they see the people of Richmond. On the good side, the price of a nice home is reasonable, schools are great, history is everywhere and the area is beautiful. So, Read More

Nothing good - 7/12/2016
I never had a negative a word to say about Virginia since I moved here 13 years ago, until this last year when I moved to Richmond. In a nutshell; rude and mean people, dirty and lots of crime. Basically nothing to be jealous from Miami, NY or Read More

2015 - Negative vibes and a culture of mediocrity - 2/6/2016
I've lived in Richmond for 7 months now after being forced to move here from Dallas-Fort Worth due to health issues. Before that, I lived in Los Angeles-Orange County for 5 years, and I was raised in southeast Michigan (Flint and Detroit).

I am trying to be fair with the following review, though it may not seem like it. I really wanted to like Richmond.

Within the first three days Richmond struck me as a southern Detroit without the cosmopolitan benefits and amenities of the Detroit metro area, and this view has only been solidified the longer I stay.

The impression I get is that the city feels like an old, run down dollar store where a couple aisles sell fine rugs and Patek Philippe watches on shelves made of oak and stone, and one aisle sells craft beer.

I wish I could say that the city was as vibrant or energetic as it is sometimes advertised to be, but it's not. There are fancy historical buildings and some new things, but I Read More

Ha - 12/16/2015
ha Read More

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3905 Seasons Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3

807 W Cary St
Bed 1 | Bath 1

301 Victoria Way
Bed 5 | Bath 3

3503B Park Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

4010 Piney Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2603 5th Ave
Bed 1 | Bath 1

3813 Quinn Abbey Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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