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Nice place to visit and live - 7/3/2006
Williamsburg is a growing community. It has a mild winter, lovely fall, gorgeous spring and hot/humid summer. People feel safe here although some crime does exist. The schools are good and there is a lot to do. There are many pretty places to walk or drive and there are lots of wholesome community activities particularly at the holidays. The cost of housing is high compared to the relatively low Read More

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What is it like to live here? - 6/24/2006
Looking to relocate to the area. Pros, cons. Good for kids, things to do, jobs, traffic, type of people, Read More

It's Fantastic! - 6/7/2006
I'm sorry the last person to write here did so because I think he missed the entire point of Williamsburg. Where else can you find tree lined streets, lovely homes, and neighborhood pride in this day and age?

There are so many choices of entertainment to take advantage of and my weekly calendar can easily be filled. Concerts and plays at the Kimbell, movies at New Town, and if he really lived here for 8 years he would tell you that locals rarely eat on Rt60 during the summer. That's for tourists. While we welcome you, we try not to get into that mix too much ourselves and prefer to patronize our local (not chain) restaurants scatterred throughout Williamsburg/James City and York county.

Having family and friends visit is the best! Where else can you live and have 3 major amusement/water parks, shopping, and also all the historic sites within minutes of your home?

If it's congestion and stop lights you miss, head to Norfolk or Richmond they Read More

Not a fun place - 12/1/2005
Nice place to visit, wouldn't want to live there. Although I have for nearly 8 years. Dining here is horrible, the local restaurants don't have a good service attitude, nor a good food attitude. Mediocre is the best you get. Even the chains are not that good. The weather here is unbearably humid from May to October. There may be a few weeks in there that dry out, but overall very, very sticky. Too many cloudy days, in a row. Average says 212 sunny days, feels like 20. Housing is atrocious. Look at the average house price and you will faint. Retirees love it here, two people in an oversized energy sucking monstrosity. No affordable housing for the working folks who actually work here. Sure, great place for kids until they're teenagers, but then nothing to do, bus system slow, unpredictable, no covered bus stops. Too many have's and have not's, no real middle class. Colonial Williamsburg is dying; overpriced, fewer services, recreated history. Colonial not at all interested in Read More

Life here - 6/26/2005
Williamsburg is a small, conservative town with a high upper-class population. It is a good place to raise children, yes, but once they get into high school, they get bored of the small town vibe with nothing to do and thus, some of them DO turn to drugs. A surprising number of kids have overdosed. Parents have to realize that here, without anywhere to go but a 24/7 WalMart, kids are going to get restless.
It is a pretty area and pleasant to visit. However, for those of us living here, the changes and accomodations made for tourists are quite staggering; shopping malls keep sprouting per year with even more housing developments following. Pretty soon, there won't be any room left for the townies or for the new people moving in. Lots of deer accidents, Read More

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1109 Jamestown Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 6

802 Jamestown Rd
Bed 6 | Bath 7

203 Bruton Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

219 Cherwell Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 3

22600 Cypress Point Rd
Bed 6 | Bath 7

101 Rolfe Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 3

107 Charles River Landing Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 3


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