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great site - 3/10/2015
thank Read More

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More - 1/22/2015
Adding more and more housing and stores raising cost of living and making it very cramped including Read More

Not Really Virginia - 12/10/2014
If moving to the area, you should know that "Northern Virginia" is not really Virginia; it is suburban Washington D.C. Woodbridge is not a real city in the sense that it has a town hall and a history. Most of the "towns" in this area (Woodbridge, Dale City, Lake Ridge, Stafford, etc) are really just bedroom communities established for commuting to jobs inside the I-495 beltway. Traffic is horrible in this area - unless you can find a job with a reverse commute or one close to your house.

You must plan any trips (to include - for example - a weekend trip to Fredericksburg) around traffic patterns on I-95. It pays to check traffic before going anywhere. Traveling toward Manassas is usually a bit better.

That said, many people stay here since "this is where the jobs are". There are a lot of great things to do in the area on the weekends, but you will have to fight traffic, so be prepared for Read More

weather - 1/6/2013
The climate is rather moderate here in VA. We have cold winters and warm summers. You can definitely tell the difference in Read More

Cost of Living - 2/8/2010
I currently live in Woodbridge, Va. about 20 miles south of Washington, DC. I plan on moving to San Antonio, Tx. as soon as the housing market goes up around here and I can re-coup some of the money I have put into it. If you want to know anything about this place...just ask. The traffic on 95 is horrible and when you plan an outing to anything around here you must plan around the traffic. What time of day and what type of traffic will be involved. Cost of living is expensive but there is allot to do and you will never have a dull moment around Read More

Woodbridge - Hot and Humid! - 11/11/2009
I've lived in quite a few places but never lived in the east until later in life. I've found over the years that every place has it's good and its bad. With that in mind, Woodbridge (a suburb south of DC) is a decent place, but climate wise if you're from anywhere out west, you'll find it extremely humid in the summer, and the humidity is unbearable. Also, the wet winters are a bit of challenge. Because of this and the mosquitos, most people stay inside all year long all the time, which is exactly opposite of all the places I've lived out west. If you can get used to this, it's an easy commute to DC, near quite a few military bases, and there's loads to see and Read More

Quality of Life - 2/23/2009
I love Woodbridge,VA, However, the quality of life here for my family is not good. The cost of living is so high here that even with making a income of over $100,000 in my household, between commuting costs, daycare and mortgage we can't afford anything else but necessities. If you are single without children this area is a land of opportunity for jobs and Read More

quality of Life - 3/1/2008
We've lived here for 7 yrs and find a balance between people who have lived here for their lives and those how move every 3-4 yrs- generally with the military. Full variety of retail, ethnic foods. Traffic during rush hours to/from DC is bumper to bumper- many use the 'slug' lanes to take advantage of shorter commute times using the HOV Read More

High cost of living in Northern Virginia - 1/15/2008
Woodbridge, Va is a nice place to live and raise a family, but is very expensive to live. The summers are hot and often humid, but spring and fall are usually beutiful. Pretty much all of Noerthern Va is one big suburb. Everything is spread out and it can take a long time to travel from place to place. Not only that, traffic here is often a mess. However, being so close to Washinton, DC is nice if you like to visit the national monuments and other attractions Read More

Getting too Crowded - 7/8/2006
Getting way too crowded looking to retire some other Read More

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1306 Saxon St
Bed 4 | Bath 2

1589 Wood Duck Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 4

16476 Chattanooga Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 5

12514 Quarterhorse Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 4

13421 Greenacre Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 3

2683 Cast off Loop
Bed 5 | Bath 5

13203 Conrad Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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