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Port Orchard, WA is a charming little town located in the Kitsap Peninsula on the beautiful Puget Sound. It is known for its picturesque waterfront views and opportunities for outdoor recreation like fishing, boating, and hiking. Visitors also flock to Port Orchard for its fascinating historical sites, quaint shops, and delicious restaurants. It has all of the charm of a small-town community but with plenty to do and experience.
Reviews of Port Orchard are overwhelmingly positive. People love the picturesque waterfront views, outdoor recreation opportunities, charming shops, local eateries, and historical sites. The locals are friendly and welcoming to visitors which adds to the overall pleasant atmosphere of this small town. Many people also feel that Port Orchard offers something for everyone whether they're looking for an adventure or just a peaceful getaway destination.

 based on 8 Reviews
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It's Okay - 11/12/2019
A bit boring but still a cool antique Read More

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Love living here - 5/29/2019
We moved here from Phx, AZ. Big change.
Hate being hot. I'm not hot, anymore.
I haute snakes and scorpions. Don't have any poisonous snakes here, and no scorpions in my house, anymore.
Had sinus infections constantly from the dirty air. My sons were both on a nebulizer because of breathing problems. I'm down to a few sinus infections in the 12 years we've been here. My sons never had to use the nebulizer again, since moving.
We have never had anything stolen from here. Was a common occurrence in Phx. If you didn't bolt it down, you'd lose it. Almost no graffiti, ever.
Yes, it's cloudy. Yes, it rains.
Neither one bothers me, it's gorgeous and I'm not hot and squinting like a mole.
I found my Read More

Port Orchard - 6/3/2013
High crime rate. High house prices. High cost of Read More

Quality of Life - 1/19/2012
Port Orchard is a nice little town but a bit too far from Seattle to interact with. Tolls too high and traffic getting to 'the other side of the pond' is bad. I wish we had more places to go to meet people, especially seniors that aren't old! But all in all, it's a nice town...not dangerous and I've found it to be pretty Read More

Where's the sun? - 5/27/2011
Just like the old Wendy's commercial ("Where's the beef") I often find myself saying "Where's the sun." I moved from Ohio to Port Orchard, WA for a two year internship and with that almost complete I am now looking for a job somewhere with a better climate. I never thought I would ever say I miss the August humidity, but I do. Port Orchard gets a stagering 52 inches of rain a year (71% more than the national average). We're definitely looking to move so we can again have our day in the sun! Read More

Hate it There? - 5/18/2011
Moved there from Albuquerque, nm and loved it there. Gratnted the sun rarely comes out but i knew that before moving there. The rain isn't really rain its more like a misty type most of the time. Seafood restaurants are good, and depending on their clam chowder, that is what determines how long they will be in business. Seattle is about and hour away by either driving or by car ferry, 35 minutes if you take the foot ferry as its faster, drops you in downtown seattle along the waterfront. City transport (busses) in the downtown area are free. Espresso shops are very good. Housing was affordable but you do need to look around. Jobs are fairly easy to come by. If you are from California people tend to ignore you as they don't care for people from that state just as New Mexicans hate people from Texas, why I have no idea but thats just the way it Read More

Dreary & Unfriendly - 5/23/2010
Moved here 2 years ago from Chicago, what a mistake! We wanted a small town, close to big cities, and pet friendly....this town meets those qualifications, but that's all. It's always so dreary, grey, and raining. If the sun is out, it's going to be raining soon too! While people may smile at you in the store, street, ect it's really hard to make friends. It seems as if, you had to be born here to be accepted. We have a 11 month old, while there are a lot of families here, there aren't many things for us to do as a family or for the baby. Also, if your look for diversity or good food, it's not here. We're moving as soon as we can!  Read More

It's a long way from California... - 7/12/2009
My husband and I moved here about a year ago in search of affordable housing after find nothing in our price range in the San Francisco bay area. While we did find a big, family-friendly home in Port Orchard, we are still struggling to adapt to the weather, culture, and size of our new community. The biggest issue is weather. Everyone knows it rains a lot up here around Puget Sound. What we did NOT know is that when it does finally stop raining, the sun doesn't come out in its place. It's just gray...most of the time. Clouds and dreariness. Put that together with lots of pickup trucks and no good thai food and you get an idea of why we miss our beloved Read More

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