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Compared to other Areas - 6/10/2018
I have lived all over the country. From Seattle, WA to Kappa, Hawaii and back to Spokane, WA. Then, I moved from Spokane, WA to Tampa, FL. Finally, after living as a travel nurse (Living in Houston, TX, Tullahoma, TN, Las Cruces, NM, Hobbs, NM, Lubbock, TX, Goldsboro, NC, Idaho Falls, ID, Phoenix, AZ, etc.) my family is now back in Spokane,WA. I have read a lot of ratings about how bad Spokane is and all I can say is that there are A LOT worse places. Spokane is great for raising a family, it has great education systems (including higher education), it has great climate, and friendly people. Compared to the other places named, salaries don't even come close (Especially minimum wage). All places have their share of bad, but to say this is the worse is completely misleading. It's a beautiful place to Read More

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Spokane is garbage! - 5/26/2018
Spokane is garbage. I just moved out of Spokane to Colorado. Thank God! I hated most about Spokane were the people and the crappy winters!

The people of Spokane are some of the most insecure, judgmental, back stabbing for self-gain, fake, narcissistic, depressed and anxious liars I have ever met.

I grew up in Spokane. I’ve been all over the world and lived in many places. Hands down Spokane is the worst! It’s a cesspool of insecurity.

People don’t say hi, they don’t hold doors open for you, they drive like idiots, neighbors are mean and act like children, jobs are always shaking because of drama caused by someone who thinks they’re the best. It is endless. The schools are just as bad.

Roads are terrible!!!! The mid south hill is covered with dirt roads. The city refuses to pave them. Meanwhile they’ll spend millions of dollars on a stupid ice skating ring that doesn’t even work.

The amount of complete stupidity in Read More

Not a great place to live - 5/10/2018
Spokane has had, for decades, a very deserved reputation for being crime-ridden, trashy, and downtrodden place. Imagine the walking dead, but in real life. The city has huge issues with drugs, homelessness, property crime, and assault. The roads are also so bad as to damage your vehicle. Jobs are low paying, and the entire economy here is supported almost completely by a huge medical provider system (think Medicaid dollars) and Fairchild AFB. Otherwise, it's generally low paying service employment (retail and restaurants). The city, realizing to some extent the well-deserved reputation isn't good for business, wastes millions of dollars on projects that don't fix the real issues, and come across like that neighbor that can't afford to keep up with the other neighbor, but tries anyway. Only, this neighbor is 300 miles west. There's been a recent push using social media to try and convince people that facts aren't facts, and that Spokane doesn't actually suck. They even made a Read More

Best of the '50's into the 21st Century - 1/20/2018
I've lived in Spokane County for over 16 years. It takes the best of 1950's America and combines it with a fresh mix of conservatism and progressiveness not found on the western side of the state. It has all the modern conveniences and attractions of a bigger metropolitan area but on a smaller scale with no sacrifice to quality. Spokane has excellent educational institutions, growing local and national industries, superior medical facilities and an array of distinct neighborhoods and districts. With mountain state parks, Idaho resort towns and multiple ski slopes less than an hour drive away Spokane truly is 'next to nature, next to perfect'. Read More

Spokane is a DUMP! - 10/11/2017
I have lived in 9 states and more than 10 different cities along with extensive travel. Here is the truth: Spokane is what my dear mother would call "white trash". Throughout Spokane you will see many many homes with garbage in their yards, including mattresses, couches, etc. It is even in the so called "nice" areas (low income is mixed with nicer homes). Currently there are 500 abandoned houses. Seattle runs the politics of the state and they are NOT business friendly. For the most part there are very few good jobs here. The powers that be in Seattle put restrictions on wells which will limit further development. They continue to build more low income housing but do nothing to bring high paying jobs in. I have never seen such horrible lack of "pride of ownership". Crime and drugs are extremely high. The nicest health social "club" in the area allows women to leave their dirty bathing suits and loofah sponges outside their lockers indefinitely. And, they are allowed to Read More

Nice and getting better - 10/7/2017
A beautiful and welcoming place now -- which I couldn't have said twenty years ago when the economy was on the skids, and Spokane had a well-earned reputation as a shabby, conservative, religious, depressed town still pining away for its lumber, manufacturing and railroad days. Now, it's a city with a booming central cluster of universities, and ambitious, liberal young people who grow up here no longer feel as compelled to leave. The once-notorious police department and city government seem cleaned up and more competently run, although the county government still has issues.

Housing is still cheap, and neighborhoods are on the upswing. Outdoor options are stunning: a 70-mile bike trail runs along the river. Hiking and skiing abound in the nearby Selkirk Mountains. Everyone with any money seems to own a second home on one of the scores of nearby lakes.

As long as Seattle, Portland and SF keep booming, Spokane will keep getting lots of new arrivals from those Read More

Don't move here! - 7/7/2017
I moved to Spokane back in 1993 and I would have left earlier if I had the money to do so. Spokane is one of the most backward places I know. Streets are not maintained well. Local police do as much complaining about doing their job as the citizens complain about themnot doing it. Property crime is high with the police slow to respond ornot at all.
It's a city over run with lawyers, food places, and medical workers.
People here are not very nice and the local news seems to be instigators of Drama and stuck on themselfs.
City government never gets
much done other than pas stupid laws that add to our taxes.
The school system here is very very bad!!! Children are labeled with Developmental problems early so the schools get federal money...
I will say the parks ar pretty but it's not worth it! We are leaving Read More

Worst Community I've Ever Experienced - 1/7/2017
Spokane is absolutely the worst community I have lived in during my 65 years (and I have lived all over the US). Very unfriendly natives lacking the most basic of social skills, a noticeably dishonest business community where buyer beware is the standard and unprofessional practices are the norm, a healthcare community that is profit-driven, and a city government that is the most dysfunctional I've ever encountered. Crime, especially property, is widespread, while policing is almost non-existent, as is road maintenance and management, while everyone here seems accepting of the City and County lack of providing even basic services. Finally, the City's contemporary nicknames are all apt: Spocant, Spokanistan, and The Land That Honesty [and Time] Forgot. And despite the number of higher education institutions in the area, an absence of good education is notable throughout the area.

I remain somewhat baffled by how a community situated within so much natural beauty and Read More

You are wrong - 1/5/2017
I have lived in Spokane and it is the worst city I have ever lived Read More

Nice City - 11/24/2016
I moved here from North Eastern Oregon and find the climate, outdoor recreation, access to quality health care, and opportunities better than where I am from. There is snow but not much, mostly just lots of cloudy days during the winter. There is a large addict population here, however that seems to be everywhere anymore and although I have heard the crime is bad, I live in the outlying suburb of Fairwood and have had little issues with that. Would recommend if you are looking for a beautiful mid sized city.  Read More

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5011 N Penn Ave
Bed 5 | Bath 3

1518 N Nelson St
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1813 W Braeden Ln
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9375 N Linden Ln
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417 S Sonora Ln
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127 E Courtland Ave
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9425 E Greenleaf Dr
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