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Leon, WV is a small town located in Mason County, West Virginia. It is known for its peaceful rural atmosphere, with plenty of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy. There are two major creeks in the area, Leon Creek and Middle Creek, which provide opportunities for fishing and camping. In addition to outdoor recreation, Leon also offers a variety of shopping and dining options. The town has a few local shops that offer unique gems from local artisans and farmers markets where you can purchase fresh produce. There are several eateries that offer up traditional American fare as well as international cuisine.
Reviews of Leon, WV have been mostly positive with many visitors highlighting its peaceful atmosphere and scenic countryside. People also enjoy the diversity of recreational activities available within the town's limits as well as the quaint shops full of unique products from local artisans. The variety of restaurants offering both American classics and international flavors is also appreciated by visitors. While there may be no major attractions or landmarks outside of the town itself, Leon is still worth visiting if you're looking for a quiet spot to relax away from larger cities or towns.

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