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Beware of ANTI-SMALL BUSINESS enviroment - 5/29/2019
I have never lived or heard of an area in this country that complains about the woes of their economy but nearly do anything to stop small businesses from developing and moving to their areas. There's like seven taxes to pay, even a privilege tax thru the assessors office, a fire Marshall that will threaten and harass you, yes seriously, They don't want you to have a business here, they prevent it at every cost. The most unfriendly Business environment I've ever witnessed in America. Also be ware if you want anyone in this town to do anything, plan that work to be started six months down the road, seriously, pre planning will save you future headaches. Yet the people are really friendly, nice weather, and pedestrian friendly, as long as you don't need work done or trying to start a business here, you will love Read More

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housing - 2/2/2016
west Virginia is a very beautiful place to live as well as visiting. through out the seasons u will see a wide variety of changing, especially through out the months of fall and winter. through out the fall season you will see all the different beautiful colors of leaves blanketing the Appalachian mountains. I will say this its something that you will never forget.
The housing market as of right now is on the low side, but all the different houses and all the different neighbor hoods around here are very pretty. West Virginia's history was profoundly affected by its mountainous terrain, spectacular river valleys, and rich natural resources. These were all factors driving its economy and the lifestyles of residents, as well as drawing visitors to the "Mountain State" in the early 21st Read More

Princeton WV - 6/30/2009
Please tell me Read More

My Home - 7/7/2007
Princeton is a great little town with wonderful people. Not a lot to do but for someone who does not mind driving an hour to get to shopping, it is a great place to live. I always heard people say they miss the seasons when they move away. I now know what they mean. Since moving to Florida, I really do miss the snow and the beautiful fall. Princeton will always be my Read More

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