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Great Place - 10/12/2007
Casper is an underrated place to live. People seem to scoff at the idea of living here because it is Wyoming and because it is not pretty, there are no huge mountains nearby. For those of you who like a little more than scenary in life, Casper is for you. This is not to say that the scenary here is not pretty, there are some smaller mountains within minutes of town, but it is no Jackson. People move here because they are looking for gainful employment, not because it has pretty mountains or a big beautiful lake nearby to look at. There are a couple of reservoirs nearby though. This is not a town full of LA transplants who leave their hometown just to change a new town into a mini-LA. Casper has any store that you need with the exception of any major bookstore. If you do not need to have every store under the sun, Casper is for you. Casper is in a high desert so that means that both extremes of temperatures are reached, including some of the worst blizzards that can be seen. If you can Read More

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casper winters & misc. - 4/12/2007
Casper winter starts in early Nov. although it is common to have snow as early as mid-late Sept. The biggest thing to get use to is the wind. The temp may be in the 40's in Jan but the wind can be 30-40 mph for a week straight. The city is about 50k people and is growing fast. House rentals are hard to find but there are still homes from 150k. Most of the new construction is 200k to 300k and up. Positives are good fishing nearby. Platte river has good trout fishing. Lakes within 30 min. Pretty good medical facilities. Denver, Co. is only 4 hrs away. Hope that Read More

Our family is considering moving to Casper in the - 12/29/2006
How is housing? we would be renting at first any comments on locations Read More

Looking at moving to Casper in the winter - 8/10/2006
I am wondering if anyone can tell me anything about Casper. My husband and I are looking at moving there in the Read More

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