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Gillette, Wyoming Reviews

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Total pit - 5/28/2021
You have to be a complete jerk to live here. These people are total losers. never been In a town where it's ok to steal and lie. the city tries to steal. Had a way too expensive deposit for utilities. They tried to lie about how to charge deposit. The with a perfect payment record I have to wait to be approved by city to get refund. I've been waiting 3weeks to get it back. Two bit . losers. I'm free anyway. . Stay out of Wyoming. They have a disease more deadly than covid. They have a terminal case of head up Read More

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Good schools and jobs; industrial and ugly - 2/5/2020
I've lived here several times - adding up to around 37 of my 45 years - and I can't wait to leave. As soon as my youngest graduates from high school I am out of here. The schools are good, the Recreation Center is really nice, and most of the people are friendly. And although Gillette is mostly an industrial eyesore, it is only an hour to the beautiful Black Hills or the Bighorn Mountains. The winters are long, cold, and windy. It's almost always windy. Most of the people are conservative to a fault, and not open to listening to differing ideas. Meth is a big problem. Housing and rentals are expensive. It's been a decent place to raise a family, but there are much nicer towns to live Read More

Lots of money, but little class. - 11/3/2015
I have lived in Gillette for the past 7 years with my family. It's a very unattractive town, as far as the geography. The nearest mountain is about 60 miles away. The city is trying to make big improvements and there are areas that are newer and nicer. For being in the middle of nowhere it has an amazing recreation center. Healthcare is less than desirable, although they spent a fortune on a recent upgrade to the hospital. Housing is outrageous and of poor quality. It's not unusual to pay 300,000+ for a home with linoleum and no upgrades. Real shopping is a two hour drive away. Overall, the people are friendly, but a little rough around the edges. Generally, people here work shift work at the mines, which results in children raising themselves. This creates children who are often in trouble and exhibit a lack of respect for authority or the "traditional family." There is a lot of money in the community and that works well for the education system. All schools have the best and Read More

great place to live. - 7/27/2009
I came into Gillette in late August at the end of the 80's jobs were scarce but everyone was so kind and friendly I made a living for sometime before we moved on would really like to go Read More

No Economic Development - 8/17/2005
The City of Gillette is supposed to be one of the richest in the country. Yet they have 25-30 kindergarten students per classroom. The City also stunts any sort of growth for big business. If you want to buy a decent pair of shoes for your children at a reasonable price, you have to drive 2 hours to Rapid City, Read More

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