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Sussex County, Delaware Reviews

 based on 2 Reviews
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A modern perspective - 8/3/2022
I believe reviews such as these should be treated as time capsules, with the knowledge that someone a decade from now may see this. I'm 30 and lived most of my life just outside Baltimore city. I moved here in 2019 just before covid hit. So please keep this in mind.

The closest town to me is Milford, I work in Seaford, a 40min commute. I don't have children but I visit multiple schools between Laurel and Delmar for work and I can honestly say they are the best looking schools I've ever seen. The schools I went to as a kid had trailers outside because they couldn't serve the number of students. I can't say anything about the quality of education but my tax dollars have definitely gone into solid infrastructure and I have no complaints, children are our future.

I live five minutes from a bay beach which have horseshoe crabs and turtles, great for a walk with the dog or a quick dip after a jog. I enjoy fresh water fishing and the nearest towns all have lakes or Read More

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Lower Delaware - 3/8/2018
Sussex County with its clean beaches and lowest property taxes in the state makes it a great place to live and retire Read More

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