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Dickinson, KS County is a small but vibrant community located in Kansas. The area has plenty of attractions and activities to offer visitors and locals alike. Home to the historic Fort Hays State Historic Site, the county also boasts a fantastic array of outdoor exploration sites such as Cedar Bluffs Nature Area, Waterfall Park, The Big Well Museum and Visitor Center, and Smoky Hill Wildlife Area. For history buffs there are multiple museums and historical buildings to explore in the area such as St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Ironstone Ranch & Wagon Museum, and Medicine Lodge State Historic Site.
The people of Dickinson County also take pride in their local events held throughout the year such as country fairs, parades, rodeos, BBQ contests and more. Residents are often seen out enjoying all that this countryside has to offer with friendly smiles on their faces. Visitors are quickly welcomed into this great community with a pleasant greeting of “howdy” from one resident to another. Overall reviews for Dickinson County tend to be very positive as visitors describe it as a great place to visit with plenty of things to do and wonderful people who make it even better.

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