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Reviews for Chicago-Naperville-Elgin  based on 5 Reviews

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The best city in America - 11/20/2020
The best metro area in the US. One of the only cities that boast both a strong economy and an affordable cost of living, barely breaking national averages despite being along one of the most beautiful and enjoyable coasts in the nation, sheltered from virtually all natural disasters, and being the seat of some of the most robust cultural landmarks of any city in the US, NYC included. The city is clean and full of green spaces, the lake itself is gorgeous year round, the infrastructure is killer, and the people are down to earth midwesterners mixed with immigrants of all kinds who love this country and bring the riches of their culture with them. The scale of the city allows for truly remarkable resources available to the people who live there that no smaller metro could hope to support. Despite the size, the native friendliness of the Midwest makes it easy to find a neighborly small town feel if you want to, just the same as you can easily find a bustling heart of the city lifestyle. Read More

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Best - 9/10/2020
Best city I visited. A small community is right for me.Read More

Why would anyone live here! - 12/22/2019
So disgusting and one of the worst places in America. Most moved from location in all the United States. You can get homes in Tennessee and Wisconsin on a lake or 5 acres for $100,000 cheaper than Chicago area. Everyone is so rude! Read More

Stay west of Route47 Illinois. Elgin-yuck! - 12/15/2019
Rude people and high prices. High crime and some of the areas are so disgusting and sickening with everything in Spanish and Hispanic gangs. Elgin and aurora and carpentersville and Cicero are some of the most gross towns in all of America. You have to get out to the rural areas and small towns like Hampshire and Union and effingham and Marshall Illinois and Geneseo Illinois and it’s nice. You can be living on 5 acres in Wisconsin or Indiana or Iowa or Tennessee or Kentucky for cheaper than a townhouse in the Chicago area. Every 30 seconds someone moves from cook county Illinois! Read More

Great place to live but at a cost - 1/14/2019
Chicago Metro has great access to jobs, food, and entertainment.Watch out for local property taxes and taxes in Read More

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