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Some great places in this state with potential. - 9/10/2018
Contrary to other reviews which seek to politicize the situation in Kansas due to differences in political and financial philosophy, I want to counter that with a positive review for this very underrated state and it's metro areas.

In Johnson and Sedgwick counties, the 2 largest counties in the state of Kansas, growth has been very positive over the years. The cities in these areas include Wichita, Overland Park, Olathe and Lenexa.

That growth has been for a great reason. These are great places to live with a generally low-cost of living and a nice ratio of high-paying to low-paying jobs. These are also communities that generally have good school districts and low taxes compared to the rest of the nation.

These places have been the primary reason for growth in this state but there are some other places. These include Wyandotte and Butler counties.

I think we have a disgruntled public employee (probably a teacher) writing the Read More

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Live here at your own risk - 1/30/2018
I've lived in the area nearly my whole life and up until recently, this was a great place to live and raise a family. In recent years the entire state has begun to deteriorate. There is no longer adequate funding for schools, roads, civil works, and civil support organizations such as police, fire, etc. The state has been gutted by the current politicians in power and the results are starkly obvious. Just a few weeks ago our inadequately trained city police shot an innocent man at the house across the street while standing outside my bedroom window. This state has deteriorated to the point that I feel completely unsafe living here. My childhood memories are a thing of the past. There is only room for two distinct classes of people in this state: the obscenely rich (who aren't concerned about any of the regressive happenings because their kids don't rely on public schools and they live in gated, secured communities) and the extremely poor (who have no control and no voice in the Read More

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