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Reviews for Hawaii  based on 55 Reviews

Get to know Hawaii with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Hawaii

HAWAII SUCKS. - 3/28/2019
The Democrats are running Hawaii into the ground (like they do everywhere else). PROBLEM: Poor leadership. Corrupt government. Too many people. The state is a doormat for the Mainland to dump their homeless. Foreign investing has caused the price of real estate and the cost of living to become unaffordable for most locals. It's was a pristine place that has become a toxic financial mess. Good luck with the rail project (a financial black hole that probably won't be able to pay off the billions of dollars being spent on Read More

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Cost of Living - 11/11/2015
The cost of living is very high in the State of Hawaii. However, the beauty of the islands and its people is what keeps people from Read More

Aloha - 4/10/2014
I love people from all other the world this is so cool such a good people Read More

moving to hawaian islands - 2/17/2014
my wife and i have traveled to Hawaii three to four times we been to 4 of the islands once and the last few times to Oahu ,Maui mostly . we are think of moving over from the mainland probably rent first and buy after we like Maui less people there than Oahu but finding work is that a problem Read More

info and weather - 1/26/2014
I need a place to live where my health can get better... low humidity, sunshine, 70-85. I'm looking 4 a small place 1 bd/1 bath, (or even an efficiency) not real fancy- but clean and in good condition. I need to have close access to a pool. also necessary for my health. I can't afford a high price of living, as I am on SSDI. I would hope that I could get an increase in my payments to keep up with the higher prices. It doesn't have to be Hawaii, but somewhere with the same weather stats.  Read More

Yup, It's an Island, Good and Bad... - 11/7/2012
I was born and raised in HI, spent 30 years there, and am part-Native Hawaiian. Ha, yes - island living is not for everyone. The good side: the weather is fantastic pretty much all the time, although warmer and more humid than CA (where I lived another 10 years). (Someone else on here complained about the lack of A/C - you're just too used to it. I didn't have A/C until I moved to the mainland. Open your windows, take advantage of those great tradewinds.) The people are nice and normal, it's pretty safe overall, and the food options are great (especially if you like asian cuisines - HI has the real deal). The beaches are beautiful, and there is greenery and birds around you everywhere. The people are tech-savvy and "wired". The majority are asian or part-asian - it's a pretty diverse and cosmopolitan place, but somewhat slanted towards asians.

That said, there is a bad side: it *is* an island. It's crowded, there are cars and people everywhere. It's expensive - you're Read More

Moving on ... - 10/13/2012
I'm interested in moving in the next 3 yrs and would like to compare Read More

Housing - 8/29/2012
high cost of Read More

Living in Hawaii - 6/3/2012
Beautiful place to live with almost perfect weather. Unfortunately, cost of living is way too high. The cost of shipping is also much higher for most products sold on the internet especially from the Read More

Warm and Dry - 12/13/2011
Kihei is a warm dry area on Maui. basically desert like the coastline is developed with beautiful parks and beaches. the lush vegetation of the developed areas are in stark contrast to the native surrounding area, but living in Kihei puts you in 10 to 20 minutes to almost any climate condition you Read More

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