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Great Lakes area probably cheapest in the nation - 10/18/2007
I live near Indianapolis which is growing rapidly but is still affordable. The town where I live which is less than an hour from downton Indy has housing mostly in the $50,000 - $70,000 range! I like the peaceful life and little traffic here, although that increases the nearer you get to the Read More

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kkk - 6/30/2007
is there klu klux kln in garrett Read More

if you like freezing for most of the year... - 5/11/2007
Indiana has gorgeous "Indian" summers...but they only last from mid-May through early September. It is true that the temperature can go from 75 to 40 overnight. Winter is awful and the sun doesn't shine for days, weeks at a time. If you like seasons, you get seasons...the main one being winter, which lasts from November until mid-April. Spring and Fall last for a month Read More

Fishers Indiana Real Estate - 6/30/2006
Indiana's the most affordable real estate market, and Fishers is Central Indiana's best place to live. Excellent schools, future job growth, low crime, proximity to International airport, arts & culture and world class sporting events make this location Read More

Rensselaer, IN - 6/19/2006
Rensselaer IN has very low crime. There are some break-ins and theft, but little to no violent Read More

Indiana - 5/5/2006
Not a lot to do unless you are in the Indianapolis Read More

Living here has become a financial nightmare - 4/28/2006
We are losing everything. I have a bachelors degree and twelve years of business experience. I have been downsized twice in two years. My son had an accident. Our insurance premiums skyrocketed. Property taxes shot up and now I am losing our home. After second downsizing I lost our insurance premiums and now my son has been denied disability twice. He still needs insurance because the doctors here and a major hospital in Indianapolis couldn't figure out how to heal him. I have lived here for most of my 39 years and I never remember it being this bad. As soon as I find a job out of state...we're outta Read More

Terrible place to live-no opportunities anymore-po - 4/16/2006
Politicians were worried about the brain drain but they are causing it to happen. I have lived here 39 years and the last five have been the worst I have experienced. I have a college degree but nowhere to use it. Property taxes are high and most people here are resorting to homeschooling because most of the teachers have lost their jobs and most school programs (art, music, computer tech, etc.) have been cancelled. We are suffering from inflation here whether anyone wants to admit it or not. And the tornadoes have become worse here over the past four years. Climate is changing. If you hate tornadoes, you might want to reconsider moving here as well. I'll miss Indiana when I move (the way it used to be, that is). But I'm not looking Read More

Indiana is no longer the great state it used to be - 4/7/2006
I have lived here for 38 out of my 39 years of life. I have a college degree and am a single Mom. I have gone from riches to rags in a short time because my son had a terrible accident last year and 6 months before that I was downsized and then this January I was downsized again (outsourcing). The economy is horrible. Medical insurance rates are horrible. Property taxes are outrageous. Income taxes are terrible. I have been forced to sell my home. Hospitals even Riley Hospital) cannot figure out how to heal my son. He still has his injury from over a year ago.

Politicians run this state (Democrat and Republican alike). If you are not involved in politics you CANNOT win here. Trust me I know, I worked for the state for quite a while. Our last Governor was terrible (a Democrat) and our new one is as well (he is Republican). The schools are all overcrowded. As a matter of fact, hundreds of teachers lost their jobs last year and now there are more on the list. Once I Read More

East Chicago and Gary, Indiana - 2/23/2006
East Chicago and Gary are not places I would recommend to live. The crime, devastation, and high unemployment make them very Read More

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