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Kentucky - 2/24/2010
Is a beautiful Read More

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I love Western Kentucky! - 1/24/2010
I have lived here for over 15 years and raising 4 children here has been Read More

general information - 11/30/2009
Eastern Kentucky, especially Martin and Floyd Co., is one of the most trashy areas I've ever been in. There is trash all over the sides of the roads, along and in creeks and streams, and just about everywhere you look. They do have "adopt a highway" program for interstate 23, but other than that the place looks like its the trash dump sight for the entire state. It may be a poor area but that is no excuse to live in filth. While I lived there rodents, snakes, and all kinds or insects infested the area due to the filth. This state should be ashamed of itself for not doing more to try to clean the place up. A huge bonfire would do a whole lot of good as a starting point. I can't wait until my job relocates me out of this area. The people are nice for the most part, but they don't seem to care that the place is a Read More

Golf - 10/5/2008
If you like to play golf, you should visit Kentucky. It is affordable, accessible, and you can find a great variety of courses between Louisville, Covington, and Read More

Forget Kentucky! Don't move here or you will regre - 5/3/2008
I have had the misfortune of living in Kentucky for the past 10 years. I have lived in three areas, Edmonton, Hardyville, and now Cave City, while having visited other areas as well. Every place in Kentucky is generally the same. The people are really rude unless they think you have money and then they are super nice to you. They are EXTREMELY nosey and ask all sorts of personal questions. Every house we have bought here we have had to have fixed up because people here don't take care of anything, and then every person we had hired ripped us off in one way or another and did a half-assed job to boot. We've gotten to where we fix what we can ourselves, (and we do a much better job than these "professionals.") The people don't care about their appearance and they either wear what they can afford from Army surplus or the Good Will. Most of their money goes towards ciggarettes and alcohol. And it doesn't matter if there are no smoking signs, people here smoke wherever they want. Manners Read More

The Bluegrass State - 2/18/2008
Friendly people, beautiful countryside, and peacefull Read More

Kentucky - 1/8/2008
Virtually no quality of life unless you ride horses. Go somewhere Read More

Best places to raise kids - 1/2/2008
Looking for a great place to raise kids, low crime, entertainment Read More

Raise your family here in Louisville! - 12/25/2007
I am a physician with a pursuit of a Master's. I have lived in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and the Seattle area. Louisville is the most gracious, friendly, open town I have lived in. I am conservative and it has been a breath of fresh air to live with people who accept differences in people, yet stand firm in their own beliefs. I have experienced the rath of liberalism and their inability to allow differing opinions from their own to coexist. Louisville allows this, while embracing a local heritage, kindness and faith like no other. You can have the large metropolis, the crime, the traffic, the rudeness, the lack of tolerance in the places I have lived! Louisville is a breath of fresh air in a world of Read More

Not bad. Nice place, nice town, and nice people. - 4/3/2007
I can tell you that this is one of the nicest cities of the whole state. Not a bad place to live, and the people are friendly, there are plenty to do, and lots of places to shop and see. (Lake Cumberland if you get the chance is breath taking.) There are drawbacks as there are with any place. But, I lived there for four years and I liked it for the most part. The summers are kind of hot and extremly humid. ( If you move here do not forget to get a home with a/c.) The jobs aren't that great and don't pay very well unless you have a degree. Then they are still kind of hard to find. (Hope you like long commutes!) If you don't like alot of snow then the winters are nice. Not much snow and ice but still a little cold dropping below freezing a few times. Make sure to secure a job before you move here! Although, the cost of living here is not that bad. I don't have a degree and I had no trouble living in the main part of the city. But, if you can't stand humid weather than don't move Read More

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