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nice to visit, but... - 3/18/2008
...nh is probably best experienced in small doses. I've found that an extended time spent here (all my life, actually) can lead to wanderlust and a desire to go somewhere where its sunny, warm, and pleasantly breezy all the time. don't get me wrong - NH is my homestate, and i love it here, to an extent. summers are beautiful on our many lakes (and even our tiny coastline). even the first snowfall is pretty, for the first fifteen minutes anyways. but let's face it - this place is small. real small. and even though our population is growing (and our cities along with it, ever so slowly), it can't hide the fact that this place kind of stinks to grow up in. when you're younger, you don't want to go to museums or anything like that (and NH does have a handful of those, along with some small theater groups/venues). so i'd have to say this - NH is really picturesque, and that never gets old, but if you're thinking of moving here, think really hard about how you'd like it here. if you're an Read More

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Live free or die trying - 2/14/2008
NH is a decent place to raise a strong family if you have a strong family
.The winters are cold and there is basically no public transportation anywhere.Pretty high property tax but best of all no sales or income taxes.Not the greatest for singles but the beach and Boston is within an hour to the most populated areas of the Read More

Great Place to Live, But Expensive - 10/11/2007
You can't beat New Hampshire when it comes to recreation opportunities. For boaters, there are hundreds of lakes on which to launch your boat.

For skiing, there are many great mountains that will challenge the experienced but still provide opportunities for novices to learn.

Hiking is a natural given the rural nature of the state.

And, if you have an urge to experience big city life, Boston is a short drive away.

The only downside is the cost of housing. My wife and I moved here from Indiana last year, and are still recovering from housing sticker-shock. I may be retiring in 2 to 3 years, and although we'd love to stay here, we may be forced to move back to the midwest or to the near south (Tennessee, Kentucky) in order to maintain our current standard of Read More

What Crime? - 8/10/2007
New Hampshire is a very safe, relaxing place to live. The crime rate is low...and the typical woos of the average city these days, are not so evident here. You live the small town life at most. It's where "Everybody Knows Your Name" So, if your raising your kids or you want to retire its the model atmosphere for Read More

Climate - 3/25/2007
Summers are too short winters way too long and during the spring the black flies don't allow you to be Read More

Feel Safe In NH - 8/4/2006
Overall, NH has a relatively low crime rate. There are numerous small towns in which a person does not feel the need to lock the door.. While the larger cities are subject to crime, it certainly falls below the national Read More

Housing - 5/14/2006
Cost of housing, with the property tax, is very Read More

Hollis, NH - 2/27/2006
Holllis, NH - One of the "best" places to live in New Read More

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New Hampshire
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