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Third highest in taxes in the nation - 6/13/2008
We live in Northern Wisconsin in a city an hour from lake Superior called Minocqua. On a warm sunny day it is beautiful, but long cold,gray,snowy winters as we age. Moved up here from Illinois and did not realize the amount of taxes they would levy on just about everything! On retirement income, social security, gas, food, etc. We do have to say that property taxes are not any different than we had in IL., but the cost of living up here is hard if you want to retire and no longer work, so know that you may have to work part time at least, and that if you want to live lakeside, the homes will be expensive, even cabins or fixers. We were unaware and did not do our homework and so have now after 6yrs put our house on the market and hope to sell and move to a more tax friendly state and a warmer Read More

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Hartland - 11/29/2007
Hartland is a great community and there are lots of places to Read More

I'm pretty lucky - 11/12/2007
to live in a town that loves and supports the fine arts!
I can't imagine leaving to live somewhere Read More

3.5 seasons - 6/16/2007
Wisconsin offers a full Summer, Fall and Winter, but the Spring season is only a month or so long. If you can make it through Feb. you will be fine. Otherwise Summer and Fall are especially nice. Winter isn't bad, for someone from down south it make take a full winter season to adjust. It's a state that offers you a chance to watch all 4 seasons Read More

Way too cold! - 4/29/2007
Wisconsin is way too cold for me. Different strokes for different folks, though... I prefer the heat and am moving back to Florida in a month. Left here when I was 19, lived in FL for 12 years (didn't WANT to come back), been here 10 years (too long) and can't wait for the warm/hot weather! We had snow in Oct and it was still snowing in April. There were a few nice days throughout the winter but the days when it was so cold they had to close schools (didn't even make it to zero degrees actual temp)more than made up our minds to get the heck out of here. We'd much rather deal with an occasional hurricane (none last year...)than being shut ins in our own home for 7 months of the year. There's a reason they have festivals here Memorial Day - Labor Day, that's the only time you're guaranteed it will be nice out. Good riddance "frozen tundra", I'll be at South Beach with a margarita on the rocks! Oh, and I know housing is expensive, "through the roof", but we don't work at McDonalds and Read More

Cold in the winter - 4/15/2007
From November through March, if you don't like the cold, then you don't want to live in Read More

Snowing in Wisconsin - 3/8/2007
Wisconsin is a beautiful state. The people are friendly, for the most part. There is plenty to do here. But is gets cold. Some people love winter! I'm not one of those Read More

Cost of living very high - 1/12/2007
I feel the cost of living is much too high here. It is very hard to live off of one income. It is quite necessary to have both husband and wife working.Read More

Climate - 1/10/2007
Very liveable for 9 out of 12 Read More

Cost of Living in Milwaukee WI area - 9/14/2006
Housing costs and property taxes in the Milwaukee WI area are incredibly high and I have never been able to figure out why. You're not paying for nice weather, a lot of arts & culture, etc. like you might be in other Read More

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