Review of Merriam, Kansas

Mayor "Rock-n-Roll" Leap
Star Rating - 2/17/2009
n my opinion "Dan Leaps" pesonal agenda to promote (at best) a dead style of music is a direct reflecton of his failure in the music business. Creating a political campaign for the ultimate goal of FAME and FORTUNE. Just like the message of his vain style self agenda of the rock music. he promotes. Hey he has succeded to a degree winning a city council seat and booking his band at ALL of the MERRIAM SOCILA EVENTS; of course getting paid by the taxpayer dollar. I would call this a blatant abuse of political power profiting for another business he owns because of his political status. Not to mention the "Total Comfort Heating and Cooling" and His "Guitar Lamp Store" accros thr street. Mr. Mayor "Rock-nRoll" leap seems to have nothing for the citezens of Merriam; only his political agenda to the fulfill his purpose for a and personal finicial windfall as stated in his music. "Fame and Fortune"
I would suggest councilman to keep your out-dated music back in the 80,s with your out-dated, vain political ambition

berima | Overland Park, KS
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