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Review of Spokane, Washington

Worst Type of Place for Anybody
Star Rating - 7/31/2019
This will be my last and final review about Spokane. Last post on this website for that matter. Spokane Police instead decided to lecture the public about safety rather than punishing the kids who damaged a car driving by. Showing absolutely no respect for veterans who have served for the army. They didn't even charge the teenagers who made threats to an army veteran. Who else thinks this is absolutely idiotic? School districts that have personnel that don't actually teach but coddle troubled youth breeding more problems. Petty and backstabbing excuse for workplace environments.

No community involvement except for a public relations campaign. Absolutely no policing of kids that go out and cause trouble. What good is a neighborhood watch or a police force if they don't lift a finger to help out but be apart of the problem? People are way too complacent with a place that shows no signs of progress and shows the exact opposite. I am moving out of here and I am not coming back anytime soon when the moment of truth arrives. What a waste of perfectly good talent and education. They just want your money.

Spokane is simply too poor and defeated to be taken seriously for literally anything at all.
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