Review of Annandale, Virginia

Sleepy Hollow Woods: A Hidden Gem
Star Rating - 11/24/2007
When we were house hunting in the mid 90's, our real estate agent would drive us through a couple of neighborhoods which were "on our way" to another particular house. We would comment that these were very nice, but since we were focused on the one we were off to see, we never really paid too much attention to these. One neighborhood, Sleepy Hollow Woods, got our attention every time we drove through it. We finally decided to look there and we are so very glad we did. We found a beautiful split level home with 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, plus a finished basement and family room. We are about 10 minutes from Arlington VA and maybe 20 or so into Washington DC. There is easy access to all the major highways in our area, 395, Route 50, 495 and of course 66. The Metro station is about 7 minutes by car. The downtown Annandale is very quaint but has a couple of outstanding restraurants, our favorite being Silverado which is in the exact location of the former Fritzbe's Bar and Grill. Fuddrucker's is hard to beat for burgers and there's a great New York pizza place called Valentino's just a few minutes west of us. All in all, life in Annandale and more specifically, Sleepy Hollow Woods is fabulous because you're near enough to work in the bigger cities but you have the perks of a small town life as well.
Abhd | Annandale, VA
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